Will ‘Modern Family’ Be On Netflix? 6 Reasons We Need It To Be Streamable ASAP

With powerhouse shows like Friends and Gilmore Girls recently added to the Netflix's instant-watch repertoire, viewers are getting antsy about when other classics will be streamable. As a group, Netflixers (myself included) are starting to feel like everything we desire should be at our fingertips. And, for us, there’s one pretty big gap in the Netflix catalog: Modern Family . So, why isn’t Modern Family on Netflix?

Well, many networks lobbied for the show’s syndication rights, and USA eventually won. USA launched a pretty big campaign promoting syndication because competition for Modern Family had been steep. In addition to syndication rights, USA also acquired the VOD rights — or video on demand — which means that we probably won’t see Modern Family streaming on Netflix anytime soon.

But, there are so many moments from the series we want to relive, when we want to relive them — moments that we can choose, skip, and scroll through. Even with weekly doses of new Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker misadventures, there are so many great episodes we should be able to re-watch. So, why do we need Modern Family on Netflix? Trust me, we do. And, to prove it, here are some of the best antics from the series that we need to see twice, three times, or three hundred times!

1. Dylan’s Music

Just like everyone else on the show, the magic that is “In the Moonlight (Do me)” will get stuck in your head. So, naturally, you’ll need to watch the episode ten times to quench your song-thirst.

2. Fizbo

As much as I hate clowns, the Season 1 episode where we are introduced to Fizbo is one of the most hilarious episodes in the series. We deserve the right to watch Fizbo at a moment’s notice, OK!

3. Baby Lily

Seriously, look how little and cute the kids were!

4. Bad Girl Haley

As much as I’ve loved watching Haley grow up, I miss the old sneaking-out, jumping on cops, and getting kicked out of college Haley. Since a backslide for this character would be heartbreaking and totally un-Modern Family, we need to relive these moments with instant streaming.

5. Vacation Videos

Hawaii, the Dude Ranch, Disneyland, and Las Vegas! The Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker travel game is on point.

6. Vintage Angry Gloria

I rest my case.

Images: Eric McCandless, Screengrab/ABC (3), Giphy (4)