9 Best Maroon 5 Songs To Perform At Karaoke, From Songs About Jane To Songs About Love

If you are looking for a fun tune to sing along to during your next karaoke stint, look no further than Maroon 5's repertoire of music. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit, their music is insanely catchy. Which is probably why it is always playing on the radio. Not only are their lyrics incredibly easy to get stuck in your head, but Adam Levine's impossibly high falsetto makes for some great jam sessions. So the next time you're looking for some good karaoke songs, then look no further than Maroon 5's discography.

Let's not kid ourselves. We have all caught ourselves singing along to their tracks in the car at least once or twice before. Not only do their songs make for the ultimate summer playlist, but their music never seems to go out style. Seriously, I am pretty sure I was singing along to their tracks way back in middle school. What can I say? They are the band that keeps on giving — giving us great music that is. So it only makes perfect sense that their songs would be the ones you choose to sing on a night out with your best friends.

From songs about Jane to songs about love, here are the best Maroon 5 hits to perform at karaoke night.

1. "This Love"

Get the crowd going with a classic Maroon 5 song. This one is so catchy that you will literally find yourself bobbing your head to the beat.

2. "Sunday Morning"

If you're feeling pretty good about your singing skills, try this soulful track. It's a bit slower, but it will make the audience sway back and forth with you.

3. "Makes Me Wonder"

If you're a hard core Maroon 5 fan who knows all the lyrics to their music, this is right up your alley. Because maybe you can shed some light as to what exactly Levine is singing here.

4. "Misery"

You can definitely have some fun with all the different notes in this one. Don't forget to have your friends throw in some "oh yeahs" for effect.

5. "Moves Like Jagger"

We haven't even gotten through half of this list, but this is hands down the best Maroon 5 karaoke song. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong. If you're stuck on what to choose, this is your best go-to.

6. "One More Night"

There are a lot of lyrics in this one, so just be prepared. Nevertheless, it is so, so catchy.

7. "Payphone"

We all remember this Maroon 5 hit. Don't be afraid to bust out the rap lyrics if you know them.

8. "Maps"

Again, Levine's peppy notes just make this track golden. Have fun with this one.

9. "Sugar"

Since it's basically playing on every radio station around town, the whole crowd will be able to sing this track along with you. Singer discretion advised: you won't be able to get it out of your head afterwards.