Julia Roberts Weighs in on J. Law's Appeal

I'd assume it's a no-brainer to name Jennifer Lawrence as America's Sweetheart. In fact, she's more than that: She's America's Sweetheart, she's the Internet's BFF, she's the only person to ever talk about flatulence on a late night talk show and make it sound CHARMING — I could go on and on, but in the interest of not taking up the entire Internet by listing reasons J.Law is better than us all, I'll stop there. My point is, her status as America's current Sweetheart should be the one thing in the world that everyone, no matter who they are, agrees on — but somehow it's not. And that's all Julia Roberts' fault. In a new interview with MTV, Julia Roberts insinuated that Jennifer Lawrence is not America's Sweetheart for some reason, because "she shoots flaming arrows. Is this a new cupid tactic?"

This isn't right. Someone show Julia Roberts this post of adorable Jennifer Lawrence GIFs STAT.

Saving face, Roberts — who was formerly considered America's Sweetheart herself and even starred in a movie called America's Sweethearts — quickly added: "My card is expired and I didn't get a new one…I think she's fabulous, but she doesn't seem…she seems cooler than [America's Sweetheart]."

Apparently, her interviewer Josh Horowitz disagreed (good for him!) and began asking Roberts exactly what she meant by that. Eventually, Roberts joked, "We've come to a standstill...this is a trainwreck."

Hopefully, everyone takes this as a learning lesson: Trying to claim J.Law is not America's Sweetheart will only end in awkwardness and trainwrecks. You've been warned.