What Shows Helped This Girl Survive A Plane Crash?

On Saturday, 16-year-old Autumn Veatch was the sole survivor of a Washington plane that crashed after flying through a cloud bank and catching fire. After the horrific crash, she hiked through Washington and was found Monday by a motorist, eventually calling 911, according to CNN. The AP reported Veatch credited all the TV shows she watched as helping her survive, which leads you to wonder what TV shows she may have had in her Netflix queue?

Veatch was traveling with her step-grandparents from Montana to Washington, according to ABC News. Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers told CNN that according to Veatch, she got out of the plane after it crashed, slept by a river, and then walked alongside a highway before finding a motorist who helped her. She was taken to the hospital and being treated for non-life threatening injuries like dehydration and fatigue, according to the AP. Sheriff Rogers explained:

It gets cold up there at night, pretty high elevations, so she survived not only the crash, then going through that. I will just tell you this from all of us here — we are just impressed with her, she's like a kind of superhero.

Veatch survived on her own for two days in the wilderness. That takes some serious skill. What shows might have helped her? Here are four strong possibilities.

Out Of The Wild: Venezuela

The latest season in the Discovery Channel reality TV series chronicles the experiences of nine people left in the Venezuelan wilderness to survive. The Emmy Award-winning show has "no prizes, no rules, no one to send you home but yourself," as explained by the trailer. Sounds intense.


A now classic TV drama, who hasn't binge-watched Lost? After Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious island, a group of 48 strangers fight for survival. Trying to stay alive on a remote island? Sounds like top-notch material to learn some survival skills from.

Man Vs. Wild

In this Discovery Channel show, the adventurous host Bear Grylls confronts danger head on. Visiting remote locations and fighting for survival, Grylls show is full of adventure. Eating bug burgers, climbing enormous trees, eel fishing — no danger is off limits for Grylls. It's full of potentially helpful survival tips that Veatch could have picked up on, like building a shelter or fishing.


Knowledge from Survivor would have easily come in handy for Veatch. The CBS reality competition series is like a controlled version of Lost. It brings together strangers to some remote location where they must compete in tasks and compete for a prize. With its 30th season premiered this year, there's plenty of Survivor material to learn from.

Maybe all that reality and drama TV can actually come in handy. I'll just tell myself that next time I go on a Survivor Netflix binge.

Image: ABC