12 Rose Beauty Products That Will Revive Any Tired Beauty Routine And Transport You To Floral Heaven

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If it's best advised to stop and smell the roses, rose based beauty products make meeting the requirement easy. The benefit of rose based beauty products is no secret, so it's no surprise there are innumerable amounts of rose-scented, rose-speckled, and rose-colored goodies on the market. Even without knowing all of the scientific benefits, the scent and feel of rose illicit all the glamorous sentiments that come with seeing and smelling a bouquet of roses. Save for those with seasonal allergies, who wouldn’t want to mimic such feelings in their daily beauty routine?

For those still unconvinced, it should be noted that rose essential oils indeed have some serious beauty benefits. Products with rose oils can serve as anti-inflammatories, reducing any unexpected (and unwanted) red blemishes. Full of Vitamin C, they can protect from sun damage; and, because rose oil acts as an incredibly effective astringent, some rose products can provide a great natural alternative to cleaning pores with alcohol-based face washes and toners.

Whatever the case, at the most essential level, rose oils just grant a hint of natural, sort of old school elegance to beauty products all while assuring that skin is left glowing. And, of course, that everything comes up roses.

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