11 Summer Shoes That Aren't Sandals Because There's So Much More To This Season Than That

Now that we're in the middle of July, some of us might be ready to try out sandal alternatives, because there are plenty more summer-appropriate kicks to sport this season. It's the time of the pedicure now, and we see sandals as far as the eye can see. And while there are so many beautiful pairs to be played with, it can be refreshing to see something without straps come mid-summer.

The grass is always greener, after all. Back when we were trudging through city streets with salt-stained boots, jumping over piles of black slushy snow, all we could think about was our feet in some white leather flip flops. But now that we've had our fair share of outfits revolving around gladiator sandals and chunky, strappy pairs alike, we're sort of kind of over it. Fickle, I know. But don't despair, and don't settle!

There are so many summer shoe alternatives to sandals, everything from platform oxfords to laid-back tennis shoes. Each one brings its own panache and a completely different feel to your outfit. All you have to do to shake up your summer wardrobe is swap out your minimalist sandals with cutout booties or espadrilles, and you have a completely new feel. Below are 11 summer shoe alternatives to sandals you can try out for the remainder of the season!

1. Platform Tennis Shoes

Add a fun element to your look by introducing a platform, but in a laid-back way. Instead of looking for platform heels, opt for tennis shoes instead, giving your look a playful and unexpected twist.

2. Oxford Platforms

Give your skinny jeans a classic, Alexa-Chung-esque touch with sleek oxford platforms. They add just the right amount of prim to a minimalist, tailored look.

3. Clogs

These shoes are like the leopard print of minimalism — they shouldn't be considered a neutral, but they completely are. The beauty of this style is that it will go with just about everything you throw at it; jeans, dresses, leather jackets. It all works.

4. Cutout Booties

Add some weight to your short-hemmed, floaty summer pieces with heavy cutout booties. Since the top of your foot will be covered, it will instantly anchor down the outfit and make it look like there's more substance to your look. That and the peek-a-boo detail is just plain fun.

5. Espadrilles

Want to give your dresses or short shorts a flirty, feminine touch? Lace up some espadrilles around your ankles and watch your outfit bump up a couple notches on the sweet scale.

6. Jelly Heels

There's no quicker way to give your look a touch of youth than to incorporate a pair of jelly heels. This time around, though, transport last season's throwback pair to your childhood, and instead opt for a banded pair. It's got more of a minimal, clean look to it and will be both quirky and sleek when combined with your outfit.

7. Platform Heels

Just like the cutout booties, this option adds some weight to your look, letting you wear flippy minis without feeling too overexposed. The chunkier shoe drags the eye downward, giving you the look of being more covered up. That and this choice add some major shape-appeal. Opt to find a pair with a slightly curvy platform and heel like this one.

8. Loafers

The more interesting cousin to the ballet flat, a loafer can add both a slightly masculine and refined touch to your look. Bonus points if you find one with a texture (like pony hair) or a pattern.

9. Huaraches

Woven, earthy, slightly rundown: Huarches are just the thing to give your look a Boho, free-spirited vibe. They give a dress more character than a pair of flip-flops could, and they help dress down a more structured look, like one that revolves around a blazer or tailored shorts

10. Tennis Shoes

Add a girl-next-door vibe to your look by pairing it with tennis shoes, or give it some edge by pairing it with high tops.

11. Bluchers

They're like oxford shoes, just even more interesting. The pointed shape, the hardware, the patent leather: All these elements come together to create a sharp statement.

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