Three Words: Minion. Latte. Art.

Coffee can be described as a lot of things, including "perfect," "delicious," "smooth," "bold," and, depending on how you get it made, "art." When people think "latte art," the immediate image that comes to mind is typically a floral or leafy pattern of some sort — but Melannie, a San Francisco barista, is taking things a step further and making amazing Minion latte art. Yes, you read that correctly: The adorable little Minions who first found their way into our nation's heart courtesy of Despicable Me before getting their very own movie can be lovingly drawn in your morning caffeine fix for an extra pick-me-up.

Latte art was developed at different times depending on what country you're in; here in the United States, though, it started in Seattle, Washington during the '80s. It's what results when you pour steamed milk into a shot of esspresso and create a pattern or draw on the top layer of foam. It's truly an art for two reasons: First, the conditions of the ingredients must be just right for the creation to be perfect (the temperature has to be very specific and the espresso must have a creamy brown surface before the milk is added); and second, the barista actually has to be able to maneuver the foam to create a work of art. I've tried it many times, and trust me, it's not easy.

If you want to see some latte art in action, check out how Melannie makes her Minions and what some of her creations look like:

She also does other characters like Harry Potter, Louise from Bob's Burgers, and Pikachu:

And Melannie is just one of many amazing barista latte-artists making amazing coffee creations. Check out these 10 other artists and coffee shops you should follow on Instagram to experience more amazing latte artwork around.

1. Dritan Alesela

Dritan Alesela, a barista who works in Germany, makes some beautiful latte art and even more beautiful videos of him making beautiful latte art. You just can't go wrong.

2. @Vikirahardja

The barista who goes on Instagram under the name @vikirahardja works at Tanamera Coffee in Jakarta, Indonesia. S/he's a pro at making abstract latte designs ranging from simple to complex.

3. @George_10g

This Japanese barista specializes in 3D latte art, taking everything you've ever known about coffee and maybe also physics (if you, like me, know nothing about physics) and turning it on its head. Including the fact that he's on Twitter, while the rest of the artists on this list are on Instagram.

4. Michael Breach

This New York-based barista is known for making various celebrity and character latte art, like coffee Beyonce, coffee R. Kelly, and coffee Grinch.

5. Cabell Tice

Cabell Tice is so good at latte art that he actually won first place at the Latte Art World Championship Open at CoffeeFest, NYC in 2013. Also, apparently the Latte Art World Championship Open is a thing, and that's pretty darn cool.

6. Nicely Abel

If you want to see some more mesmerizing latte designs by a Latte Art World Championship winner, Christopher "Nicely" Abel, a three-time winner of the CoffeeFest title, has some pretty great, classic latte designs.

7. Cortney Kern

Cortney Kern does some neat latte designs with animals and characters. He's unique in that a lot of his art involves words or messages — not just pictures.

8. Gary Perong

This barista from Taiwan specializes in bouquet-esque latte art.

9. Matthew lakajev

This artist, who works at a shop in Sydney, Australia, is particularly good at adding unique twists to classic designs.

10. Jelle Van Echelpoel

If you want to see coffee designs that incorporate lots of little hearts, Jelle Van Echelpoel, winner of numerous latte art titles, is definitely your guy.

Images: melaquino; barista_dritan_alsela; vikirahardja; baristart; cabellcoffee; nicely85; baristamaniac; garyperong; belgianbarista; latteartporn/Instagram