'The Jim Gaffigan Show' Cast Is Filled With Familiar Faces Who Have You Laughing All Summer

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Jim Gaffigan has been a recognizable face in the stand-up comedy world for years now, but the comic hasn't gotten as much attention from film or television audiences — until now. His TV Land series will premiere on July 15, and The Jim Gaffigan Show cast is truly amazing, even though it's nominally based on one man's solo performing style. While Gaffigan is used to going onstage alone, his style is confessional and personal, casting his family and friends as parts of his stories. I know it's a high bar, but even though The Jim Gaffigan Show is more of an overt comedy, the show vaguely reminds me of Season 1 of Louie. Actually — it's even more like Lucky Louie, Louis CK's first shot at television.

Both of those shows are smart comedians adapting their New York City lives into a conventional sitcom, and both are about unconventional living situations for television. The Gaffigans' huge family lives in a tiny two-bedroom apartment on the series, but The Jim Gaffigan show is coming at a much better time for the comic, because as his wife Jeannie said in an interview with Huffington Post, they're writing about a period in their lives that's thankfully in the past. Now, their five kids are a little older, they are less thrown by the living situation, and Jim is more successful. Being inspired by the recent past will hopefully make the show the right combination of nostalgic and accurate — oh, and funny. The cast should certainly help with that last part.

Image: TV Land

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