Will 'The Gallows' Have A Sequel? A Few Ideas For Where The Found Footage Horror Flick Can Go Next

The Gallows opened in theaters last week, and despite some lackluster reviews, the found footage horror movie is slowly but surely building up a serious fanbase. With so much excitement over the thriller, will The Gallows get a sequel? The ending of the film certainly left it open for a part two, and fans are already asking about a sequel, judging by their many tweets (see below). Nothing has been confirmed, but based on the history of Hollywood and how horror movies typically work, I think it's safe to say that if The Gallows builds enough of a cult fanbase, the possibility of a sequel is very strong.

Of course, a movie's box office numbers play a dominant role in whether or not a sequel is worthwhile, and during The Gallows ' opening weekend, it came in at fifth place at the box office, beating out Magic Mike XXL and Ted 2 . It raked in $10 million which is a whopping 100 times more than its production cost of $100.000. My guess is that Hollywood is paying attention to these numbers and will give audiences another serving of The Gallows — because the diehard fans will certainly pay to see a sequel. I mean, just look at the reactions so far:

It needs to happen! Here are a couple of ideas for where The Gallows franchise can go (spoilers ahead!) next.

1. Pick Up Where It Left Off, But With A Carrie Twist

At the very end of the movie, viewers find out that drama geek Pfeifer (Pfeifer Brown) is Charlie's (the guy who died on stage 20 years ago) daughter and she and her next-level psychotic stage mother are the delusional minds responsible for the killings and craziness behind the production of The Gallows. Pfeifer was the most interesting character in the movie, and to explore her relationship with her mom through a Carrie-like scope would bring new life to the story.

2. When In Doubt, Make A Prequel

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The backstory behind the death of Charlie is teased throughout the movie and we also find out that Reese's father was supposed to be connected to Charles' death that night in 1993. Telling that story would be far more interesting than just repeating the found footage trick.

3. Call On Wes Craven To Make It A Slasher Film

The Gallows followed the footsteps of horrors like Scream, but why not make it a straight up slasher movie? Instead of a knife, the murder weapon would be a noose, obviously. There's no need to bother with the found footage approach. Hire on Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson to make a movie that is reminiscent of the golden era of '90s slasher films, when viewers were constantly wondering who the killer was. It'd be fun and scary, and fans wouldn't have to deal with any vomit-inducing shaky camera work.

4. Make It A Psychological Thriller

Take out the horror element altogether and make a prequel about the writer of the play, The Gallows. Viewers barely find out what the creepy play is about, so to see the inspiration behind it would hopefully be a mentally disturbing treat.

If a sequel to The Gallows is indeed in the future, I'm sure it will drum up the same amount of scares — and money — as the original is doing now.

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