'Big Brother 17' As 'The Sims' Is Still Wacky

Previously on The Sims Big Brother 17: Sim Audrey, Sim Austin, Sim Becky, Sim Clay, Sim Da’Vonne, Sim Jace, Sim Jackie, and Sim James moved into the house; Sim Austin learned how to make waffles without burning them; Sim Jace stared at the fish tank for hours. If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about, you can check out the first installment of The Sims Big Brother 17 here.

This week, The Sims Big Brother 17 house got quite a bit more crowded: eight more contestants moved in a few houses down, Sim Austin invited his new neighbors over for a party, Sim Big Brother (aka me) deleted the front door after the party guests arrived, and all 16 of the Sims took turns skinny dipping in the jacuzzi. And then, things took a turn.

The Sims 3 allows the player to control only the members of the active household at one time. So, that means I can tell Sim Audrey, Sim Austin, Sim Becky, Sim Clay, Sim Da’Vonne, Sim Jace, Sim Jackie, and Sim James to sprint to the nearest toilet, bake eight servings of waffles, or make a bed, but I have little to no say in what Sim Jason, Sim Jeff, Sim John, Sim Liz, Sim Meg, Sim Shelli, Sim Steve, or Sim Vanessa does.

Suffice it to say things got VERY interesting when the second half of the cast "moved in" and I deleted the door behind them. No shortage of drama, that's for sure. Let's get to it, shall we? On with the episode 2 highlights!

Here's the moment when Sim Austin walked to the other Sims BB17 household:

He introduced himself to his future housemates.

The moment when Sim Vanessa was hangry beyond reason but patiently waited for Sim Austin to say hello:

A few seconds later, Sim Vanessa let Sim Austin know she thought he was being rude. Sim Austin headed back to the main BB17 house. Sim Vanessa probably thought that was the last she'd ever see of Sim Austin.


The moment when Sim Jace tore himself away from the fish tank only to stumble upon this natural disaster masquerading as a toilet:

It looked like a Sim was murdered on that toilet.

The moment when Sim Jace scrubbed the crime scene/toilet clean:

That commode sure did sparkle when he was through.

The moment when Sim Austin enjoyed a bowl of mac 'n' cheese while he plotted his next move:

Getting the rest of the Sims BB17 contestants to the Sims BB17 house was his responsibility. He would need a telephone, stat.

The moment when a telephone appeared:

Sim Austin invited everyone from the other Sims BB17 house over. He told them

The moment when someone stole Sim James's clothes while he was skinny dipping:

Sim James couldn't figure out how to walk over to a dresser and pick out a fresh set of clothes, so he was stuck wearing a towel for the rest of the day.

The moment when the front door returned:

As much as I hated bringing the front door back (what if someone decided the Sim reality TV life wasn't for them and made a run for it?), I didn't really have a choice. The new batch of Sim houseguests had to get into the house somehow.

The moment when the rest of the Sims BB17 houseguests arrived:

It was at this precise moment when I realized I needed to buy eight more beds but decided to just handle it later. Don't worry, I still haven't handled it.

The moment when the door disappeared again:

Stuff was about to pop off.

The moment when one of the new houseguests got right to skinny dipping:

When I said stuff was about to pop off, I meant clothes. What a delightful bunch of exhibitionists we have here!

The moment when Sim Jace made this face while looking at the hot tub:

I could stare at this picture for hours.

The moment when Sim Jace laughed at the skinny dippers:

Way to make your new roommates feel at home, Sim Jace.

The moment when Sim Meg waved at Sim Big Brother/me:

The Sims wanted to let me know they were ready to go home.

The moment when some of the others decided to make the best of the no front door situation:

I'm not exaggerating when I say that hot tub is in use 24/7.

The moment when Sim Jeff got homesick:

Sorry, buddy. This is your home now.

The moment when Sim Da'Vonne and Sim Austin blew bubbles on the skybridge:

Both Sim Da'Vonne and Sim Austin were not happy with the way I decorated the skybridge. I tried to not take it personally.

The moment when Sim Jeff yelled at Sim James:

Sim Jeff wanted to make it very clear to Sim James that this is not his home.

The moment when Sim Jackie started laughing mischievously:

What's the joke, Sim Jackie?

The moment when I realized she was about to steal a skinny dipper's clothes:


The moment when the pile of clothes magically disappeared:

Sim Jackie is a sorceress!

The moment when the skinny dipping Sims waxed nostalgic about their home:


The moment when this woman lurked outside the Sims BB17 house:

When I hovered the cursor over this Sim, I was informed she is a paparazzo.

The moment when the paparazzo sprinted away from the Sims BB17 home:

Can't wait to see how this pans out.

Next week: Sim houseguests 9-16 continue to ask Sim Big Brother/me to let them return to their old home, all 16 Sim houseguests skinny dip for the billionth time, and I try to figure out where I am going to put eight more beds. UNTIL THEN!

Images: The Sims 3/EA Games (24); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (24)