Drybar 'Dry On The Fly' App Sends Hairstylists To Your Door For An At-Home Salon BlowOut

Hairstylists are now using smartphone applications to their advantage. Blowout bar Drybar launched an iPhone app called "Dry on the Fly" and it's basically Uber for your hair, according to InStyle. If you are a) currently looking for a salon-status blow dry and b) are a Manhattan resident, it would be in your best interest to download this app ASAP.

Here's how it works. Once you have downloaded the application, you can choose your stylist and schedule an appointment. One of over 500 professional hairstylists will then report to your door, providing you with a blow dry in the comfort of your own home. Lazy? Possibly. Genius? Definitely.

I remember the first time I ever used Uber. I was interning for Fashionista and my editor could not believe I had never taken advantage of the car service, let alone had never heard of it. As someone who frequently traveled across Manhattan, it turned out to be a lifesaver — especially during rush hour traffic. But an Uber for hair appointments? Even better! Because how much does arriving on time really matter if your beauty look is slacking?

Dry on the Fly is not limited to hair emergencies either! If you know you have a special event coming up, save your minutes and make an appointment through the app.

Finally a beauty app that would even meet Carrie Bradshaw standards. Unfortunately, Dry on the Fly is currently Manhattan exclusive, but I'll be one of many waiting for our Jersey salons to step up their game.

Dry on the Fly isn't the only app making looking like a beauty that much easier. Check out five apps below that make beauty and styling convenient.

1. Cloth

This app brings me back to the days of Clueless where Cher would browse through her computer to figure out what to wear for school that day. This app allows you to document your favorite outfits and scroll through whenever you're low on inspo. Better yet, it lets you know which outfit of choice would be an appropriate decision based on the day's weather forecast. How thoughtful!

2. Pin & Tucker

Pin & Tucker is the ultimate digital shopping buddy. If you've ever found yourself indecisively staring into the fitting room mirror only to make a purchase you regret the second you make it back home, you're not alone. This app allows you to snap a quick pic of your dressing room dilemma and upload the photo to social media platforms Twitter and/or Facebook in order to receive feedback — yay or nay — on the purchase in question. I've tried it. So should you.

3. Stylebook

When my sister and her friends were in high school, they kept note on their wall calendars what they wore on which day so as not to be an outfit repeater. This app would have saved them some time on that front. Stylebook allows you to upload your daily outfits. It keeps a calendar of what you wore when and even creates a collage of your clothing so you can mix and match before you hit the closet.

4. OPI Nail Studio

Save yourself some time by downloading this handy (pun intended!) app before heading to the salon for a mani/pedi. Change the color of the hand to your skin tone and test a few shades of OPI colors. No need to browse the shelves — you've come prepared!

5. Priv

Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs this app in their life. Who doesn't love the idea of being pampered in the comfort of their own home? Priv allows you to make appointments for at-home treatments such as a massage, personal training session, makeup stylist and more. Um, yes please.

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