Proof That LeBron is Hilarious In 'Trainwreck'

If you’re not already on board with the increasing summer trend of athletes making cameos in movies, then I guarantee that after watching LeBron James in the new Trainwreck video featurette, you might be a little more encouraged to embrace the idea of sports stars making a mark on the film industry. (C'mon you cannot tell me you don't absolutely adore The Rock). The two-minute clip offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Schumer’s upcoming romantic comedy (her first feature-length movie! eep!) and to my surprise, James is actually really funny.

Like, I realize he’s the reigning king of the basketball court and his fans probably believe he is a direct descendant of a Greek god, but chiseled abs and jump shots do not a funny person make. Fortunately, he appears to be quite hilarious as the best friend of Bill Hader's character Aaron. Although James is supposed to be playing himself, there's a stark contrast between the larger-than-life, straight-faced athlete and the frugal (!) guy who dishes out romance advice to his best bro. Who knows how close those characteristics are to James' actual personality — I can’t imagine he’s anywhere remotely close to being a cheapskate — but judging by all of James’ funny moments in the clip, I am convinced that he’s no stranger to making people laugh out loud.

And in case that wasn't proof enough, let me lay it out for you:

When He Didn't Think He Would Have Lines in the Film

Um, no LeBron. That's now how any of this works.

When He Delivers a Line About Sexual Intercourse

In case anyone thought his expertise was strictly limited to basketball.

When He Totally Crushes Bill Hader on the Court

Rude! But still funny.

When He Jokes About Miami and Cleveland

In true comedic spirit, James manages to take a sensitive subject (oh, just him leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat only to leave the Heat and go back to the Cavs years later) and make it funny.

When He Does This To Amy Schumer

C'mon LeBron. Is that any way to treat your boss?

Images: Giphy (4); Universal Pictures