Trump Your Cat Is The Best New Internet Craze

We thought Trumpmania had reached its peak when hundreds began cutting up their Macy's credit cards, but now a new sensation has arrived: Trump Your Cat. Yup, politics have become so divided that even our household pets are getting in on the action. According to Donald Purrrump, the Instagram account behind the craze, the process of Trumping Your Cat is pretty simple. Step one: Brush your cat. Step two: Form the hair you brushed into a toupee. Step three: Place the toupee on the cat. Step four: Trump cat.

Trump's hair has been stealing the show during the 2016 election so far. His fair locks exude an aura of mystery and confusion whenever they're sighted. Despite Trump's claims that his hair is absolutely, 100 percent his own, there's been talk for ages that it's actually the worst toupee ever made.

According to The Daily Beast, which conducted a full investigation into Trump's hair secrets, The Donald has very firm rules about his hair, and is uninterested in changing it. "Apparently, he does his own. He starts from the back. He combs it forward, so it reaches down past his nose, and then he folds it back, and then he sprays it," celebrity hairstylist Losi told The Daily Beast.

Judging by the Trump Your Cat phase, however, I have a theory that Trump's hairstyling approach isn't entirely his own. Some of these cats make for dead ringers for the presidential hopeful, and I'm honestly not positive that Trump didn't have a similar idea. Is it possible that Trump based his image on brushed cats?

Look at that perfectly sculpted hair. Each cat picture is accompanied by a bona-fide Trump quote, so it's basically like following Trump himself on Instagram. And on the plus side, it doesn't come with racist rants or way-too-close videos of his tantrums.

Images: Trumpyourcat/Instagram