Who Is In The Photo With Liam On 'Stitchers'? Kirsten's Surprise Boyfriend Could Be More Connected To Her Than She Knows

Stitchers fans, raise your hand if you are insanely suspicious of Kirsten's surprise boyfriend Liam? Aside from potentially ruining the one true pairing of Kirsten and Cameron, Liam also seems to be too perfect. Camille says he checks out and that he really is as great as he appears. But Maggie points out a mysterious element in a photo of Liam accepting an award that could prove Kirsten's boyfriend is actually hiding some secrets that connect him closer to Kirsten that she could possibly know. So who is in Liam's photo?

My guess is that the man lurking behind Liam and the people from whom he is accepting an award is Kirsten's father. Why would Kirsten's father know Liam? Well that's the question isn't it? And despite the rather strange suggestion, I have a few ideas as to why this theory isn't totally strange. What do we really know about Kirsten's father thus far? Not much, and that means that the possibilities for his involvement in Kirsten's life are endless. My guess is that Kirsten's father is attempting to shut down the Stitchers program after realizing what the Stitchers program has become thanks to Maggie and her boss. Kirsten's father is probably hiding, biding his time before confronting Kirsten and trying to convince her to help him with his journey.

But perhaps before he can do that, he needs to see if he can trust his daughter. And the best way to do that is to get someone to infiltrate her life. That's where Liam comes in. Maybe he has been with Kirsten for so long so he can slowly learn about her and protect her if necessary. Now that she has joined the Stitchers program and has become an important part of the group, now is the perfect time for Kirsten's father to see where her loyalties lie.

It's interesting that Liam showed up back in Kirsten's life right as she meets Maggie's mysterious (and likely evil) boss, and learns that Ed didn't kill himself. Plus, Kirsten also found a key left for her by Ed at her mother's grave just days before Liam came back. None of this can be considered a coincidence. And now that Liam has proposes to Kirsten, I can't see him leaving anytime soon, which is good because his appearance brings up so many questions that need to be answered.

Images: Screenshot/ABC Family; stitcherstv/Tumblr