Amy Poehler & Tina Fey Were Meant To Be 'Sisters'

Clear your calendars for Christmas 2015, everyone, because the full trailer for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's upcoming comedy, Sisters , has hit the Internet, and it is every bit as hilarious and you would expect from two such comedy gems. It stars Fey and Poehler as two sisters, the latter the "Perfect" sister and the former the "Other" sister, as they throw one last party to commemorate their childhood home before their parents sell it. Naturally, because this is a comedy, and because this is Fey and Poehler, the party goes horribly, horribly wrong, in a property damage, oh-the-police-are-here, and oh-god-something's-on-fire kind of way. The Sisters movie trailer also features Maya Rudolph, of SNL and Bridesmaids fame, and John Cena, who more than proved his comedy chops in Trainwreck and is here delivering once more.

The best part of the trailer for me, apart from all the comedic moments, is the fact that Poehler and Fey, despite their differences, are so supportive and loving of each other. Fey easily refuses to let Poehler back into the car until she asks out the cute guy she has her eye on, and she agrees not to get drunk during the party so that Poehler can loosen up and have a little fun for once. In return, Poehler's character comes out of her shell a little more, clearly emulating her sister is behavior, and making her proud. It should be weird to marvel over a little thing like ladies supporting ladies in a movie, but, even now, it still catches me by surprise when that forms the backbone of the plot of a movie.

Of course, that's far from the only thing to enjoy about the Sisters trailer. Good luck picking just one thing when you check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube