Rumer Willis Chops Hair But Keeps The Deep Side Part, Which So Works For Her

Short hair, don't care! How about shorter hair, don't care? Dancing With the Stars champ Rumer Willis has chopped off her hair... again! Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter has fashioned her formerly chin-length bob into a pixie with long bangs. She has kept her signature deep side part, too.

This new look so works for the dancing goddess. It's totally chic and versatile. Who says short hair is boring and one-dimensional?! Willis is proving that the opposite is true.

She is also proof that many women like to go shorter and shorter with their hair in careful, measured stages. Just a few months ago, she was wowing us on the small screen with her dance moves and long locks or twinning monochromatically with her equally beautiful mother, who is also known for her own cascade of glossy black hair.

Willis has strong, stunning features so this new pixie totally works for her. I loved her previous bob, too.

She debuted the 'do with a photo in which the long bangs covered one of her eyes. That move added a whole element of mystery to her overall look.

Take a moment to be totally wowed by how great she looks and how her deep side part remained in tact.

She has to be loving this chop.

Here's the very bob she was rocking just a week ago. Also gorgeous!

Willis often did a deep side part with her bob. The bob is gone; the part remained.

In case you ever doubted Rumer Willis' babe factor, these photo booth pics remind you that she is, in fact, a head-turner.

You will notice a pattern — that the deep side part is apparently her thing, even with long waves. This was Willis just a few weeks ago... in mid June!

Earlier this summer, she played with defined curls and a sunset smoky eye.

Remember what we said about the deep side part? That's a Rumer Willis patent.

Rue usually rocks really inky black hair, but she has had a stopover at auburn that I loved.

If you're toying with the idea of going short with your hair, Rumer Willis is a study in hair goals.

Images: Rumer Willis/Instagram (4); Getty (4)