8 Ways To Eat Cheese For Breakfast, So You Can Begin Every Morning In The Best Way Possible

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There truly is nothing more satisfying in life than eating cheese — which is precisely why we need to start our mornings off on a positive note by finding new and creative ways to eat cheese for breakfast.

Do you crave the rich, sharp flavor of a shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano? Then cook up some Parmesan rosemary fried eggs. Prefer the smoothness of fresh ricotta? Try spreading it on your favorite toast, then sweetening it up with broiled strawberries and local honey. Feel loyal to your trusted cheddar? Melt it down and top it with egg, tomato, and ham for an irresistible breakfast pizza.

Whether baked, melted, crumbled, or fried, the following cheeeeeeesy breakfast and brunch recipes will undoubtedly give you the most delicious reasons to wake up everyday.

Image: Budget Bytes

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