Louis Tomlinson Baby News Starts Hilarious Pizza Company Feud & Hopefully, It Will Cheer Up Weepy 1D Fans

In case you haven't heard, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is going in a new direction. Along with playing in one of the world's top boy bands, Tomlinson is now, reportedly, going to be a father. Tomlinson is said to be expecting his first child with friend and Hollywood stylist Briana Jungwirth. If you thought that news was unexpected, just wait until you hear about the hilarious pizza store feud Louis Tomlinson unknowingly caused after the big reveal.

The good-natured rivalry started when Pizza Hut UK's official Twitter account tweeted to Louis Tomlinson, "Is it ours?!" with a baby face emoji added for good measure. Domino's Pizza UK decided to up the ante by tweeting, "#OhNoLouis How could you do this to us @Louis_Tomlinson? And with @PizzaHutUK as well!" with a broken heart emoji and a #StillLoveYouThough hashtag. Understandably, many Directioners out there might still be totally shocked about the baby news. And some who are particularly fond of Tomlinson might also be a bit sad. But this pizza store feud is a fun and lighthearted way that fans of the band can get a chuckle over the news, even if they might still be in recovery from hearing about it in the first place.

While the food baby references, the cheating accusations, and custody discussions are quite a bit cheesy (pun totally intended) in this fun online competition, it is quite funny to imagine the heads of the companies' respective social media accounts brainstorming fun responses to each other's messages about the "Steal My Girl" singer. And it is a lot more enjoyable than reading some Directioners' reactions to the baby news, some of which are full of disbelief, shock, anger, and sadness. I'll give the UK pizza companies this: they certainly know how to calm the online storm using Internet humor — with a side of shameless company promotion, of course.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And of course, this being the Internet, the pizza store social media feud is far from the only hilarious response to the Tomlinson baby news. One clever user decided to create a meme pegging Tomlinson's fellow bandmate Harry Styles as the person who is carrying Tomlinson's child and giving Styles a huge baby bump. The picture, while hilarious, cannot be unseen:

This user was followed by several other fans creating memes photoshopping the members of One Direction into hospital baby delivery rooms, among other places. So, it seems like some fans and followers of the band are taking a note from the pizza wars and having a bit of fun with the news. And I'm 100 percent here for it. Stay tuned to see if there are more clever, good-natured jokes out there about the news (because you know there will be!).

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