5 Weird Bathroom Facts You Probably Didn't Know — INFOGRAPHIC

At this point in your life, you probably think you're something of an expert at going to the bathroom. I bet you think nothing's going surprise you about bathroom habits. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're wrong. A new study conducted by the makers of Quilted Northern has revealed several illuminating facts about our bathroom usage, many of which you probably didn't know.

The main takeaway from the study is that most people (70 percent) don't want to remember their bathroom experiences. The thinking goes that you'll only remember going to the bathroom if something tragic happens, like your toilet paper getting all crumbly or feeling "sandpapery." (Why, why such a painfully descriptive adjective, Quilted Northern? I'm not going to be able to use toilet paper ever again without first being crippled by the fear that it might feel "sandpapery.")

So yeah, I guess not remembering your bathroom experience is good. A positive bathroom experience is a bit like being in the car with a good driver: You won't really notice it or remember it after.

This finding has spawned a new ad campaign for Quilted Northern, centered around the #HelpMeForget hashtag. The "forgetting," in this case, is not only in reference to not remembering your bathroom experience; it's used as a rallying cry for anthropomorphized bathroom knick-knacks like rubber duckies, who have had to see it all while you're in the bathroom. It's actually hilariously dark, if you think about it.

So what are some bathroom facts from the survey that you probably didn't know? How about:

1. One Out of 10 People Have Pictures of Loved Ones In Their Bathrooms


That's right: 10 percent of people have their family watch them poop.

2. Men Spend Longer On The Toilet Than Women Do


An average of 2.4 minutes longer, to be exact. Think of how much time they're wasting.

3. Women Are More Likely To Discuss "Bathroom Experiences" With Friends


This one surprised me: 28 percent of women, compared with only 19 percent of men, discuss their "bathroom experiences" with their friends. This, of course, raises the question: What exactly constitutes a bathroom experience? Does something epiphanic have to happen? Is there a soundtrack? These are important questions.

4. Most People Use Premium Toilet Paper


58 percent of people buy premium toilet paper, because we know to splurge where it counts.

5. Women Buy More Premium Toilet Paper Than Men Do


Women buy premium toilet paper at a rate of 63 percent, while only 54 percent of men do. Still, the majority of people are buying the fancy stuff.

Check out the full infographic here:

Images: dno1967b/Flickr; Quilted Northern; Giphy (5)