You've Been Going To The Bathroom Wrong Your Whole Life — VIDEO

There's almost nothing I hate more than being told that I've been doing something wrong for my whole life — so maybe that's why I'm finding this video which tells me I've been pooping all wrong quite perturbing. It feels like that awful moment when I learned that I've been pronouncing Rihanna's name wrong for... well, pretty much forever. But hey, at least I've got an opportunity to correct some incorrect habits now, right?

Here's the deal: According to this video from Business Insider, humans should not be sitting on toilets. Instead, they should be squatting. Now, I'm going to put aside my biggest concern — that is, that I don't have the thigh strength to sustain a squat for that long — for a moment in order to examine this shocking reality. Historically, the video explains, humans simply squatted over pots or holes in the ground to poop, which allows the excretory system a more streamlined, vertical path to do its thing. Our sitting position, which became the norm when toilets went mainstream (for the record, I liked toilets way before they went mainstream), actually strains the muscles that assist us in moving our bowels, which makes excretion more difficult and time consuming than if we went the way of our ancestors. The straining that many toilet sitters endure can lead to hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal difficulties — or as I like to call them, "tummy aches."

Here's what we're doing wrong in seven pictures; head on over to Business Insider for more. Your bowels depend on it.

1. The Video Opens With This Aggressive Message

Wow. That's... rather accusatory.

2. Then We Get Medical

Sitting causes the pubic wall (AKA the puborectalis muscle) to choke the rectum because your anal wall is at an angle.

3. And Stay Medical

Squatting, by contrast, allows the pubic wall to relax, so no rectal choking occurs.

4. Everyone Knew This, I Guess

Apparently everyone but us knew that squatting is the right call. Nice of them to tell us.

5. Only Royalty Used to Use Toilets

Fun fact. Thanks, Business Insider!

6. Squatting Makes You Poop Faster

Like, a lot faster than sitting. And it's easier, too.

7. The Tool You Need

In order to properly squat on your toilet you can acquire the "Squatty Potty" (cue the groans, I know), which allows you to sit on your toilet while still maintaining the squatting posture that's healthiest.

You can watch the whole video here.

Images: mandydale/Flickr; Business Insider (7)