What 2015 ESPYs Host Joel McHale Can Learn From Drake, Because You Know Drizzy Killed It Last Year

I should have already realized it, but after watching Drake host the ESPYs last year, I knew with certainty that he is the funniest rapper out there right now. (Also, Drake should host everything. Grammys producers, are you listening?) Unfortunately, Drizzy has to pass the mantle of ESPYs host over to the very funny comedian and The Soup host Joel McHale. He isn't new to hosting major events, as he took on the difficult challenge of hosting the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner, as well as the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards. Let's just hope McHale hosting the 2015 ESPYs goes better than his WHCD gig, which was a bit rough. Besides, the sports awards show seems to be well-suited for the comedian, and when it comes to taking on a new hosting gig, it never hurts to learn from someone who's already gone through it. There are definitely a few tips McHale can take from 6 God's excellent hosting last year.

Now, one thing is for sure: The overall atmosphere that Drake created for the show can't be matched, because his and McHale's styles of comedy and hosting are completely different. The rapper's humor is kind of perfectly suited for hosting. He's clever, he'll go for the slapstick and variety show kind of entertainment, and he can be biting, but not so much that it causes a whole lot of controversy. The same can't be said of McHale. He goes for the jugular. And that kind of comedy can work, but it has to be paired with some other techniques. Here's what McHale should learn from Drake.

1. Don't Be Afraid Of Parodies And Sketches

Drake's Manny Pacquiao video is one of the best things I've ever seen. McHale, take note please!

2. Use Your Celeb Audience As Much As Possible

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There is no end to the amount of celeb cameos Drake used. This is the perfect awards show in which to utilize guests, and it really seems like sports stars want to get in on the comedy action.

3. Biting Humor Works — To An Extent

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McHale's humor will work on this audience. They're definitely more open to roast-style humor, and the sports' world definitely has some insane moments that need comments from McHale. But there's a line between "biting" and "mean" that Drake perfectly toed, and McHale needs to do the same.

4. Surprise Guests And Moments Can Grab Viewers' Attention

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Sure, Drake's attempt to romance Skylar Diggins ran a little long, but it was still kind of endearing. What really threw me was Drake's sketch with Chris Brown and Blake Griffin. I was simultaneously entertained and angered. I can't stand Brown, but the sketches and jokes involving him and Griffin actually went over quite well, and I'm sure I'm not the only viewer who was totally drawn to my TV screen during that bit.

5. Don't Be Afraid Of Looking Ridiculous

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Drake took chances and allowed himself to come off like a bit of a dork at times, which is what people loved about him. There's nothing wrong with not being the coolest guy in the room, and I think at times McHale is too cool for school. He could have a great hosting experience if he would just go for the dorky and strange moments, so that's what I'm really hoping to see when the ESPYs air on Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

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