Video Of Two Men Holding Hands In Moscow Shows What It's Like To Walk Down The Street While Gay In Russia

Following the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide in the United States, it seems that LGBT people are slowly becoming more and more accepted in America. But a a new video of two men holding hands while walking in Moscow shows, that certainly isn't true everywhere. As a planet, when it comes to LGBT acceptance, we still have a long way to go.

In the video, which was filmed bu ChebuRussiaTV and has since gone viral, two men walk around Moscow simply holding hands while being covertly filmed in a set up reminiscent of the famous "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" video from last year. Both men are actors, and neither is actually gay. Out of safety concerns, the team decided to stay in the city center near tourist destinations — but despite this precaution and despite the men not engaging in any PDA beyond basic hand holding, the reactions from passersby are incredibly negative and hostile.

"I was shocked by the reactions... They were just crazy. Every five minutes we would get a bad reaction," one of the filmmakers behind the video, Nikita Rozhdesev, told BBC Trending.

In Russia, homophobia is widespread and a recent law banning "homosexual propaganda" has caused major setbacks for LGBT rights activists. And it seems that this hostility can be felt just by walking down the street.

Here are some of the reactions the "couple" got during their stroll.

1. "What's Up, Gays?"

This, of course, followed by a lot of swearing.

2. "Bitches Holding Hands"

3. "Leave Russia"

4. "There's Too Much Of You These Days"

5. Getting Pushed

In two instances, people shoved one of the couple, including one where the man kept walking and one where the situation escalated alarmingly.

6. And a Lot Of Stares

Perhaps as much as the physical violence, the fact that so many people stared so openly at the "couple" says a lot about the way people view LGBT people and relationships in Russia.

You can see more reactions in the full video below.

ChebuRussiaTV on YouTube

Images: ChebuRussiaTV/YouTube (6)