Will Falesha & Jacqueline Meet On ‘Catfish’? Falesha’s Past Is Coming Back To Haunt Her

You might be familiar with the term "catfish", but how about the term "copy catfish"? Don't worry, Nev and Max will fill you in on copy catfish on a brand new episode of Catfish after Falesha loses her online identity to Jacqueline, a cyberbully. It's actually a scary situation that is way more than someone flirting it up on MySpace, since this is something that Falesha has gone through five years ago. As she says in her email to Nev and Max, it's like her past is coming back to haunt her.

The copy catfish that is taking over Falesha's life online is definitely something new for the show. There's no former romantic relationship between Falesha and Jacqueline, as far as we know before the show airs, so this is strictly an identity theft issue. While I always enjoy a classic Catfish episode, it's always nice when Nev and Max shake things up a bit with a new type of catfish-ing. Keeps things fresh and on our toes (just like catfish are supposed to do).

So what do we know about Falesha's scary copy catfish situation? Let's hope Nev and Max can get to the bottom of this mystery catfisher.

Falesha Had A Catfish Use Her Photos & Name

While in high school, Falesha came across someone using her photos on social media under the name Jacqueline. After a little while, "Jacqueline" changed her name to Falesha's name, added friends from Falesha's high school, and started messaging people saying this was her new profile.

The Fake Falesha Started Cyberbulling

With a newly changed name (as Falesha) and a friend list of all of Falesha's classmates, Fake Falesha started cyberbullying those Falesha went to school with. Her comments were harassing and awful, some even suggesting to other users that they should kill themselves.

Falesha Lost A Lot Of Friends Because Of Jacqueline

Jacqueline (now Falesha) would post very sexually explicit things to her page as well as send sexually explicit messages to classmates of Falesha's. Falesha says that these types of messages, along with the harassing messages, caused a lot of people to turn on her in high school.

Jacqueline Is Back

The really terrifying thing is that Jacqueline is back. After disappearing in the fall of 2011, Falesha thought that Jacqueline/Fake Falesha was gone for good. But, five years later, Falesha just received a message from Jacqueline saying "Remember me?"

Let's hope that Nev and Max can get to the bottom of this scary story, since cyberbullying should not be taken lightly, and this is not something Falesha can just ignore when her identity is at risk.

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