Under Armour Sports Bra Campaign Features Powerful Women Like Misty Copeland & Gisele Bündchen

Under Armour garnered a ton of buzz with their original I Will What I Want campaign last year, which starred Misty Copeland and proved the brand's advocacy for girl power. Now, the first ever African-American prinicipal ballerina with ABT returns for Under Armour's new sports bra campaign, joined by top supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and other inspirational athletes like champion skiier Lindsey Vonn, and pro surfer Brianna Cope.

As the second installment of the #IWillWhatIWant series, the campaign aims to "give voice to what women everywhere want and need from their sports bras, a perspective that has often gone unheard," the brand tells The Baltimore Sun.

Each ad is accompanied by personal goals and challenges the women want to overcome, relating to power and self-confidence, which are the very principles the campaign stands for. Bundchan's photo reads "I Will Not Be Distracted," while Copeland's says "I Will Not Be Unsupported." Looking insanely strong and fit, each woman sports a different design from the new sports bra range, looking like they can kick some serious ass. It's super fierce.

Labeled as the "the hardest working bras in sports," these babies combine comfort and style, so you no longer have to compromise, boasting gel-lined straps, molded cups, and sleek soft design.

Take a look.

Preach, Gisele.

Strong and sexy.

My personal favorite? "I Will Not Be Stopped".