Every Single Maroon 5 Music Video Ranked

My mother is basically one of the biggest Maroon 5 groupies ever. She’s like a contemporary Deadhead, following Maroon 5 around the Southeast every year when they tour (she was even hit in the head by Ryan Dusick’s drumstick once). Through my mom, I’ve learned that being a fan of such a high profile band like Maroon 5 is hard work. Take their music videos, for example. Maroon 5 has an extensive music videography and so, say, if you decided you wanted to watch and rank every Maroon 5 music video ever, you'd quickly realize that you'd just undertaken a massive task.

Luckily for you, I am taking on that task for you all, my delicate readers, because you probably don't have the time to watch 80+ minutes of Maroon 5 videos (or maybe you do, in which case, have a glorious time below).

In setting out to do something like ranking every Maroon 5 music video ever, it's important that a make a very important statement. This is Maroon 5 we are talking about. There's no such thing as ranking their music videos from good to bad. This list ranks their music videos from excellent to slightly less excellent (but still awesome). So, now that you've set your expectations accordingly, here is my definitive ranking of every Maroon 5 music video ever.

1. "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A M**********r"

Because Adam Levine is naked in this one. Need I say more?

2. "Hands All Over"

The pop-art aesthetic of this music video puts it near the top of this list.

3. "Love Somebody"

The abstract, art-y feel of this music video makes it incredibly appealing to watch.

4. "Sugar"

Marron 5 actually crashed weddings in the making of this music video and that dedication takes what was already a cool concept to whole new levels.

5. "This Love"

The music video for "This Love" combines three of my favorite things: nearly-nude Adam Levine, nostalgia, and the hilarious early-'00s aesthetic. What's not to love?

6. "Animals"

The edgy, Tarantino-esque aesthetic + Adam Levine in a hair net = music video gold.

7. "Goodnight Goodnight"

In "Goodnight Goodnight," Maroon 5 uses a split-screen, Before vs. After concept (not unlike the one seen in 500 Days of Summer) to explore actions and their consequences.

8. "Maps"

The best music videos are ones that tell a story and the narrative that unfolds in "Maps" tells a harrowing tale of the worst kind of regret.

9. "Never Gonna Leave This Bed"

"Never Gonna Leave This Bed" takes the title of the song quite literally in their music video interpretation.

10. "If I Never See Your Face Again (feat. Rihanna)"

Because, RiRi.

11. "Harder To Breathe"

This song was probably your first introduction to Maroon 5 way, way back when and thus will score highly in the "nostalgia" category.

12. "Daylight"

Maroon 5 put the music video for "Daylight" in the hands of their fans and the result was stunning (and might even make you cry a little).

13. "Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)"

The mashup of old vs. new in "Moves Like Jagger" never gets old.

14. "Misery"

There's a hot girl with a bazooka in this music video. Yes, a bazooka.

15. "One More Night"

A great song with a great music video.

16. "Sunday Morning"

Love the karaoke concept accompanying this throwback jam.

17. "Payphone"

A pretty dark concept but still a very cool music video nonetheless.

18. "She Will Be Loved"

An oldie but a goodie.

19. "Runaway"

A beautiful and yet simple music video.

20. "Makes Me Wonder"

Not a bad music video but it's a tad boring compared to some of Maroon 5's other works.

21. "Give A Little More"

This music video is mostly just shots of the band playing. I think they could have been a touch more creative with this.

22. "Won't Go Home Without You"

Just meh.

23. "Out Of Goodbyes (feat. Lady Antebellum)"

This one is just a little too country for me.

24. "Wake Up Call"

The cheesy, onscreen lyrics is where this music video truly loses it for me.