18 Times You Were 'Pretty Little Liars' Hanna Marin In College, Because She Knows How To Survive Anything

One crazy but true thought many Pretty Little Liars fans are probably beginning to have: there are only four episodes left that will feature Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna walking the halls of Rosewood High as actual students. In fact, this season, Season 6A, may be the last time we see the liars as students ever. According to creator I. Marlene King, Pretty Little Liars will have a four year time jump between Season 6A and Season 6B, which means that, more likely than not, we'll have skipped the liars' college years entirely. (Assuming they actually make it to college and don't decide to ditch everything in favor of an extended A-free vacay in Cabo, which is what my endgame would be in this situation.) That's a shame, because if there's one liar that I would have wanted to follow when she attended college, it's Hanna Marin.

But, why Hanna? For one thing, she already has a college-level vocabulary (thanks to that "Word Of The Day" calendar) and she's also got the ambition to really succeed in university — even if she does tend to use her ambition up by tracking down A and the last pair of Louboutins on sale. My point is, there are just so many college situations that Hanna is already well prepared for, it'd be extremely interesting to see her in a collegiate setting.

However, that likely won't happen — but I stand by my assumption that Hanna is totally already the quintessential college kid. Don't believe me? If you're still a student or a recent graduate, you'll totally remember the times when you were Hanna Marin in college:

1. When You're The Only One Of Your Friends With Midterms Left

You're too busy cramming for a midterm on Monday to stop and eat, but please, everyone else, have fun at that fraternity formal.

2. When You See The Hot Guy In The Dorm Next Door Get Out Of The Shower

You're considering switching buildings entirely because he's so distracting. And then, maybe you can date him and it won't be considered dorm-cest!

3. When You're Feeling Stressed And In Serious Need Of A Care Package

"...please send cookies ASAP."

4. When You Can't Handle The Cafeteria Food For Another Minute

It's only February but you've decided that you're officially living exclusively off of Ramen and Chipotle take out.

5. When The Girl Down The Hall Brags About Her 4.0 GPA And Her Billion Extracurriculars

Either that, or she has one of those Time Turner things from Harry Potter that allows her to do a million things at once. Really, when does this girl even sleep?

6. When Your Professor Tells You Your Paper Needs More "Critical Thinking"

You're too embarrassed to ask exactly what they mean by that, because you fear it may just prove their point.

7. When The Science Lab Is Asking For Volunteers To Donate Blood Samples

Sorry, but you only give up your bodily fluids at blood drives when you know you'll be getting Oreos and a juice box afterwards.

8. When The People Next To You At The Library Won't Shut Up

If your study neighbor shows his friend another music video on his laptop at full volume, there will be hell to pay.

9. When Your Friend Asks Why You're So Tired After Your Roommate Sexiled You All Night

You're exhausted because you spent the night on tiled hallway of your dorm, cursing your roommate's boyfriend under your breath.

10. When You Go Home For Thanksgiving And See Your Dogs

Like, chase down every person with a puppy on campus so you can play with it.

11. When You're At A Party And Someone Offers You Vodka Straight-Up

A "cocktail" is not a warm plastic cup of vodka.

12. When That Cute Guy Down The Hall Transfers

Onto the next one.

13. When Your Professor Tells You She Doesn't Do Phones In Her Lecture Class

But... how can you text when things get boring?

14. When You're Struggling With An Impossible Homework Assignment

You thought you understood statistics, but apparently you have zero clue.

15. When Someone Tries To Talk To You Before Your 8 a.m. Class

Coffee first, chit chat later.

16. When Your Only Friend In Class Decides To Drop The Course

Who will let you borrow their notes now?

17. When You're In The Middle Of A 20-Page Paper

And no amount of adjusting the margins is making a dent in the length.

18. ...And When You Finally Finish It

You might even settle for that warm plastic cup of vodka, now.

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