All 'Big Brother 17' Alliances In One Handy Cheat Sheet, Because They're Impossible To Keep Track Of

Is your head spinning with names of alliances on Big Brother 17? I thought Big Brother 16's cast was guilty of making alliances left and right, but the current season's cast is so alliance-happy that it's impossible to keep them all straight! Having an alliance in the house is important, I get it, but can we pump the breaks on forming so many alliances (during Week 3, may I add)? I'm having a tough time keeping track of them. It's as if I need a Big Brother 17 Alliance Cheat Sheet... Oh, wait. 

Can't keep track of Shelli and Clay's loyalty to anyone but each other? Wondering if Steve is a lone wolf, wandering the mean streets of Big Brother alone? Then you've come to the right place. Throughout the summer, we'll keep track of the Big Brother 17 alliances, because things change so quickly in this house and there are only so many pop culture reference alliance names I can keep stored in my noggin. 

Below is a list of all the alliances that have been formed thus far in the season. If you don't watch the feeds, you may not know about some of them. Included with the alliance name are the members, the status of the alliance, and any need-to-know facts about them. And, at the end of the summer there will be a test. Just kidding! Or am I...

All Girls Allliance

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Da'Vonne, Shelli, and Audrey. 

Status: LOL, no.  

Notes: These three not only formed the first alliance of the summer, but they seemed to be all about that #GirlPower from Day 1. Then Day and Audrey decided to battle each other and it all came crashing down. 

Shell Town

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Austin and Jace.

Status: Defunct.

Notes: The name alone should have told us where this alliance was going. 

Tres Amigos

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Jace, Austin, and Liz.

Status: Lost one amigo, so no longer a thing. 

Notes: Despite Jace getting the boot Week 1, Austin and Liz still remain close. 

The High Rollers

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Jason, Meg, Da'Vonne, James, Audrey, Jackie, and Jeff.

Status: Crumbled. 

Notes: When you have half the house, these things happen. Plus, Audrey and Day didn't quite see eye to eye.

Five Alive

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Jace, Austin, James, Audrey, and Clay.

Status: FAKE.

Notes: Who makes a fake alliance? These five do, that's who. 

Unnamed Alliance

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: John, Jeff, Jackie, Clay, and Shelli.

Status: Technically together?

Notes: While all of the alliance members are still in the house (currently, bye Jeff!), Clay and Shelli have formed so many alliances that they seem more loyal to, that this unnamed alliance doesn't seem to have a high spot on the Big Brother totem pole.

After Dark Crew

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Jason, Jeff, Meg, and James.

Status: Active.

Notes: The ADC will lose one member during Week 3 (Jeff or James), so it's a tough time for them.


[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Austin, Vanessa, Julia, Liz, Shelli, and Clay.

Status: Active. 

Notes: Clay and Shelli made this alliance at the perfect time, since Austin and Vanessa came into power the following day.

Sleeper Cell

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Audrey, and Shelli.

Status: Active.

Notes: This is just an edited version of the #SixthSense alliance. I don't think everyone in the alliance trusts Audrey, which is why it might not be the most loyal alliance in the house.

Three's Company

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Shelli, Clay, Vanessa.

Status: Active. 

Notes: Not much to say about this alliance other than I'd like to think they initiated members by singing "Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you..."

Freaks And Geeks

[Twitter Embed:]

Members:  Vanessa, Steve, Liz, Julia, and Austin

Status: Active. 

Notes: Great show, even better alliance. While Vanessa, Liz, Julia, and Austin are relatively predictable, Steve is a wildcard people won't guess is working with them. Now, if only they'd stay loyal to each other...

Female Chilltown

[Twitter Embed:]

Members: Vanessa and Audrey.

Status: YAS QUEEN.

Notes: MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. LADIES. Final two, puhlease

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