Back To School Trends For 2015 Presented By Google, So You Can Get Ahead Of The Game

We are already halfway through summer, lovelies, and you know what that means: back to school shopping is in full effect. Google released its back-to-school trends roundup on Tuesday, and according to a Google Consumer survey, one third of shoppers have gotten a head start, but they're not browsing brick-and-mortar stores for their style-meets-educational needs.

Ah, the good ol' days of back-to-school preparations. I totally milked as many outfits, notebooks, and pens as humanly possible every year from grammar school up until college. Marking one major mall trip on the calendar became an annual ritual for my mother and I, with a few Target runs here and there.

Alas, times are a changin' my friends. And while I turned the mall into my personal playground, finding only the best of the best ensembles to wear for strutting down the halls, nearly 50% of back-to-school fun is now digitized. Shoppers are searching for outfit-inspo on the web rather than reserving a few hours to browse their favorite stores with their parents reluctantly trailing behind them. I'll agree that it certainly sounds more convenient than how we did it back then, yet I find this web savvy world to have its downsides.

No worries, guys, I'll save you my spiel on how the Internet has swallowed yet another bonding experience that kids these days will never have (even though it's totally true). Instead, let's talk about what really matters here: the clothes.

What's On The Rise:

1. Under Armor Curry One Sneakers

These babies are selling like hot cakes. At this current time, most pairs are all sold out (that's how you know they're in style), but keep an eye on to snatch up a pair.

2. Culottes

Little White Lies Phoenix Culotte Short, $39.99,

The fact that these culotte pants are on trend right now makes me so unbelievably happy. Fall staple, anyone?

3. Quay Sunglasses

Quay X Shay Mitchell Vesper Sunglasses, $60.00,

Personally, I'm not a sunglasses fanatic. They have to be a really excellent pair for me to wear them more than twice. These Quay shades, however, are very chic. I'm into it. You should be too. And I mean, these were designed in partnership with Shay Mitchell. Need I say more?

4. Disney Vans

Disney Authentic, $60.00,

Disney for grown ups has been steadily on the rise over the past few years and while I'm not really loving all the Princess porn the web is trying to sell us on (it really just disturbs my childhood), I can totally see where Vans is going here with these Disney Authentic shoes.

5. Lace-Up Flats

Billy Ella Lace-Up Flats, $178.00,

I always thought ballerina flats were so plain, but lace-ups are such a modern take on the classical shoe.

What's Still Hot:

1. Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Arizona White Birko Flor Narrow Fit Flat Sandals, $90.00,

I wasn't aware that these were ever really "in," but if you were wearing them to begin with, ride it out, kid.

2. Jelly Shoes

ASOS Foretold Embellished Gladiator Jelly Shoes, $22.00,

Brings me back to my middle school days.

3. Rompers

Ella Moss Edie Cold-Shoulder Chevron Romper, $98.00,

I was never on board with rompers until brands started making them look super sophisticated. Now I want them all. Especially this one. Gah.

4. Kimono Jackets

Ecote Crinkle Square Kimono Jacket, $39.99,

Yet another trend that I hope never goes out of style. Kimono's are lightweight, go with everything, and most of the time are extremely colorful.

5. Plaid Shirts

AEO Plaid Boyfriend Shirt, $39.95,

I love a good plaid. Sexy cowgirl for the win, am I right?

Even if you're not heading back-to-school this fall, you'll still want to snag some of these looks. Who says Youths get to have all the fun?

Images: Courtesy Brands