Drone Catches Horrifying View Of A Tornado

If you were hoping to have a few Wizard of Oz flashbacks today, you're in luck. A drone captured a tornado on camera and it's terrifying to watch. Justin Watkins was just casually flying a drone around (because that's a thing that happens now) and managed to catch the horrifying tornado in Hutchinson, Kansas. The craziest thing about the footage is it looks like a gorgeous, clear day. And it is. Until a tornado that could knock over Dorothy and the Wicked Witch in 20 milliseconds comes out of nowhere. (Also, sorry for all these Wizard of Oz refs but I truly have no other frame of reference re: tornados.)

For the fact that we were all having minor panic attacks about pretty recently, we've really embraced the culture of using them to fly around and collect footage. At an old job, they used a drone to fly around the office and tell everyone that holiday bonuses had been approved. (It was the greatest usage of drones I've ever seen.)

But that now comes second to this, because the black cloud of the Kansas tornado is daunting AF. I have so much more sympathy for Toto now.

Here's the tornado from afar:

And the tornado from the drone's other #angles:

Watch the full video and prepare to quake in your boots:

Images: YouTube(3)