How To Talk About Obama on Thanksgiving

This year, if you manage to get home for Thanksgiving — which, if you're waiting on a flight, seems less and less likely with each passing moment — President Obama wants you to talk politics. Well, specifically his politics. has a special section that will teach you how to promote Obamacare around the Thanksgiving (or Thanksgivukkah) table this year. The site also has a list of what you should bring — just pray to the turkey gods that overwhelmed airports don’t lose your social security card or W-2 forms while you travel — you're gonna be needing those.

The website offers up a step-by-step guide to discussing the new healthcare law with friends and family; a complete with a list of what to pack; and advice on how to bring Obamacare up. Obama wants you to make you political chitchat personal and to “be persistent, but keep it positive” — not a small charge, given all those setbacks.

Naturally, the move has gotten some holiday blowback from the blowhards at the New York Post editorial board, who quipped: “Between this and the e-cards AARP is encouraging parents and grandparents to send to the young and uninsured, young people might want to make alternative dining plans for Thursday.”

The Post, in an appropriately-conservative way, suggests that it's a very bad idea to break the old-fashioned norm of steering clear of religion and politics at the dinner table.

As for us, we suggest buying your parents a tablet on Black Friday. Make it a present for the whole family by having it set to when they unwrap. Once you help them navigate the maze that is the healthcare exchange — if it’s not overwhelmed, again — they'll be thankful for lower costs for better coverage.

Oh, unless they're the few Americans whose costs will actually go up. In that case, you're on your own.

And if you don’t want our advice, you can watch this kinda-lame video from Organizing for Action.