Why Cyber Monday is Better Than Black Friday

There are countless reasons to prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. For one, you're not waking up at the crack of dawn to battle the fiercest, most fearless shoppers there ever were. Secondly, you're safely shopping from the comfort of your computer desk. But now, it's official: Elle has confirmed our belief that when it comes to shopping for ourselves, Cyber Monday is better for deals than Black Friday.

According to Mark LoCastro, a spokesperson for Deal News, the discounts are bigger and wider for in-season items. “Many clothing and shoe retailers will offer their best stacking coupons of the year during Cyber Monday," he says.

Cyber Monday launched in 2005 and has since been a big hit with smart shoppers. Deal News found that the past two Cyber Mondays have brought in approximately 45 percent more clothing deals than Black Friday and 50 percent more on shoe deals.

While Black Friday is a great day for buying presents, it's best to wait until Monday to buy something for yourself. Retailers have caught on to this shopping pattern, offering Cyber Monday consumers more discounts, promotions and free shipping.

Most online stores are currently focused on promoting their Black Friday deals, and while Cyber Monday deals have yet to be posted, we can almost guarantee that the best deals happen to those who wait.