Austin & Vanessa Fight On 'Big Brother 17,' But They Shouldn't Lose Focus On The Real Target

When Austin and Vanessa became HoHs together, I rejoiced. Not only because that would mean the twins would be safe for a week, but also because there was going to be some big changes occurring in the house (changes being Operation Get Jeff Out). Big Brother 's HoHs, Austin and Vanessa, were a power couple who worked together to target Jeff as a backdoor. Everything between them seemed to be working out perfectly. That was until the Veto competition where Vanessa questioned Austin's loyalty after she felt he might have thrown the competition to John.

While the week started out in sync, Austin and Vanessa veered directions early on in their reign when Vanessa decided James was more of a target for her than Jeff was. For Austin, that wasn't the case. But, because Austin was overthrown as HoH and technically didn't have any power, he couldn't do anything about it. Sorry, Judas. But, Judas actually did find that he had a little bit of power remaining when he was in the final round of the Veto ceremony. He could either win it, or lose it, causing John to win, take himself off the block, which would lead Vanessa to hopefully filling the spot with Jeff.

And, that's exactly what happened, much to Vanessa's chagrin. After "not being quick enough" in the final round of the dice Veto competition, Vanessa and Austin found their blissful HoH run hitting a wall. Vanessa questioned why Austin moved so slow during the last round. Austin, who swore up and down that it "wasn't like that," didn't really convince Vanessa that he didn't play poorly that last round.

But, these two can't spend time fighting about how Austin played in the Veto. That's going to distract from the real issue: Jeff. Luckily, they got their heads in the game and their eyes on the prize in the end, but let's hope this small moment of distrust doesn't cause any issues for these two for the rest of the game. They're too strong of an alliance to crumble over something so silly.

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Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS