This Week's 'Catfish' Is Definitely A First

After more than 50 episodes, Catfish can't give us a story we haven't already seen at this point, right? Wrong, and Wednesday's new episode proved it. This week, Nev and Max introduced us to Falesha, a girl who's been dealing with a pretty unique problem. Someone going by the fake name Jacqueline Linkwood has been stealing her photos for six years and used her Facebook profile to make Falesha's life in high school a living hell. Obviously, Falesha was determined to track down the person behind the Jacqueline profile, and with the help of everyone's favorite internet sleuths, she succeeded. But when Falesha came face to face with her Catfish er Jacqueline, the results were totally unexpected... to say the least.

Thanks to someone who'd also been victimized by Jacqueline, they knew the girl who created the profile was named Tracey... and without hardly any issue at all, Nev got her on the phone. And instead of reaching someone on the other end of the line who was freaked out and evasive, like usual, Tracey was basically the most excited Catfish perpetrator in the history of the show. Imagine a kid at Disney World for the first time. That was Tracey on the phone. Multiply that by ten, and that was Tracey when Nev, Max, and Falesha showed up to her house.

Like, this was her:

She was thrilled to be on camera, she was over Falesha trying to make her bullying more difficult, and she even admitted she was proud of the pain she's caused people because she used to be bullied herself and wants others to know what it feels like. She was smiling, she was giggling, and she had no grasp on reality to the point that Max actually asked her if she was on drugs. It was that crazy, and at a point, I was trying to figure out if MTV had hired an actress to spice this season up. But nope, it seems like that's just Tracey, and her giggly exterior probably has a lot to do with the reason she spent so much of her time trying to hurt other people.

After a little bit of chatting with Tracey's mom, who definitely didn't approve of her daughter's behavior, Tracey softened up a bit and apologized to Falesha. She may never actually realize the scope of the damage she caused Falesha and her friends, but it does seem like she's put her fake profile days behind her. Fingers crossed!

Image: MTV, Giphy