This DIY Accessory Is Surprisingly Versatile

You don't need a ton of time and supplies to create a few Pinterest-worthy summer DIY projects. In fact, there's really only one thing you need to get the creative juices flowing — a tomato cage. No, seriously. This garden staple is surprisingly versatile and easy to work into your home decor. From elegant hanging chandeliers to a bedside table that looks like it was taken straight from the shelves of Anthropologie, these projects just go to show that you don't need to drop a ton of money on materials to spruce up your space.

You know those cone shaped wire cages that people use to grow tomatoes? You need to get one. At least one! No, we’re not saying you need to start gardening, even though that would be fun if you’ve got the space. The reason you need a tomato cage is because they are the hot new item to DIY, the new mason jar, if you will, and it is no surprise once you see all of the incredible things you can do with them.

As crazy as it may seem, these six Hometalk bloggers took a tomato cage and turned it into unique decor for their homes and gardens that looks more like something you would buy in a high end furniture store than at your local nursery.

1. An elegant chandelier

A tomato cage chandelier (can you believe it, btw?) trimmed with glassy crystals and hung with tiny lanterns is the perfect thing to add some ambiance to your warm nighttime soirees. As the creative blogger who dreamt this design up said, “sometimes tomato cages are destined for greatness.... we have to help them realize that!”

Project via Tara @Crafts Unleashed

2. A colorful woven basket

The southwestern soul within you is crying out for this warm woven design. Imagine filling that budget-friendly basket with throw blankets, or winter hats, or your scarf collection! This thrifty DIYer may have found the solution to unattractive storage for good.

Project via Lin @Hot for Houses

3. A birdbath perch

Bring on the birdsong with this easy tomato cage idea that’s really more of a hack than a DIY. Top your cage off with a deep plate or bowl filled with water, and invite your friendly neighborhood birds to take a cool break on a longer summer’s day.

Project via Tammy @My Life Abundant

4. A wiry nightstand

OK, you know this clever design is making you think: Oh, hello, gardening store? Anthropologie just called, and they want their nightstand back. With some strategic wire wrapping, some metallic spray paint, and a glossy wooden tabletop, this romantic nightstand is as gorgeous as it gets, with absolutely no sign of its former life.

Project via Ashley @Domestic Imperfection

5. A crystal lamp

Instead of creating a sometimes lantern, you can turn your tomato cage into a full time light fixture to set your home sparkling. Bring out your farmhouse side and turn your home into a rustic little paradise, with (what you now know is) a magical tomato cage.

Project via Peggy @Pigs, Logs and ‘Tater Berries

6. A Christmas tree

...And even though we’re not quite there yet, keep this nifty trick in mind come Christmas time — tomato cages make the very best mini Christmas trees. You can cover them in faux branches, voluminous mesh, and all sorts of lights and decorations to get a totally green (totally cheap) Christmas tree that will last year after year.

Project via Shelley @Sow and Dipity

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