This Poker Champion Is Playing For Keeps On 'BB17'

If the most recent episode of Big Brother had you wondering who is Vanessa Rousso, you are not alone. Though she's been on the fringe of the show since it began, Vanessa came out of nowhere this week to drive the drama and create some major opportunities to dominate in Big Brother. First she pumps Liz for information about her (non-existent) feelings about Austin, then she lies and tells Austin that she's interested in him. Using the love connection to her advantage, she motivates Austin to try and get rid of Jeff (we'll see soon if they're successful). Not done yet, she talks to poor Steve about the Austin/Liz showmance, then turns around and tells Austin that Steve is jealous! Sure, it's a little middle school status, but it is definitely an effective strategy.

We probably should have seen her moves coming, since she went to some length to hide her eyes/expression. If that sounds like a poker player move, it should. That's right, our scheming friend is actually a poker playing professional for about 10 years, and her accessories totally gave her away. Vanessa was wearing sunglasses all the time, and that's a big poker player hint. It turns out she's kind of a big deal in the poker world, having won $4.5 million dollars since she began.

Her sunglasses, which I once saw as simply a fashion faux pas, are actually a sign of her creative cunning ,and I think we should all take notice of when she's wearing them. Sunglasses on, some serious shenanigans (or at least outright lying) is happening in the house. It's like her tell! The other contestants should also probably trust her a little less, since she literally bluffs for a living. As far as careers go, that is a whole lot more threatening then a dentist, student, or even wrestler. Will it give her the edge? My guess is her obvious lies about Liz are going to blow her cover, but we'll have to wait and see for sure.

For now, let's just keep an eye on her. At the very least, we know that, when the sunglasses are on, there is some trouble going down. Watch out housemates.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; giphy