What Does Seth Back On 'Parenthood' Mean?

Are you ready for further Parenthood complications? No? Your eyes are already perpetually red thanks to all the tears, both happy and sad, that you give to this show? Same. But John Corbett's Seth is coming back to Parenthood ! Which could mean a whole lot of things — but what we're wondering the most is what this means for Amber's storyline.

Corbett is the second of Sarah's two biggest love interests in the show to make a return — Jason Ritter booked his one episode (so far) comeback to the series just a little while ago. With both Corbett and Ritter, though, we're not actually seeing a whole lot of evidence pointing to the assumption that Sarah's actually gonna be doing much interacting with her exes.

With Mark, we know he's going to be running into at least one non-Sarah Braverman, and we're curious to see who that is and where that goes because we love Mark Cyr and his pretty little babyface. We're even more curious, however, to see what they've got in store for Corbett.

Why? Because the primary interaction the show is billing with this return — which is also so far only for one episode — is between Corbett's character Seth and his daughter, Amber.

Seth and Amber have had a notoriously fraught relationship — her yelling at him in Season 2 is still one of the best acting moments of the series, and the scene where we/the world mentally crowned Mae Whitman the Best Crier On Television. This season, though, the two have not interacted as of yet, has brought that up even more, what with Amber entering into a pretty huge commitment with a man her mother is worried might be a bit too much like her addict of a father.

Considering where we left Amber and Ryan last week — spoiler alert: Ryan beat the hell out of a guy in a bar, Amber cried into Zeek's arms at the police station, fun and happy times all around — it'll be interesting to see how this newest interaction with her father will play out.

The last time we saw them they were actually on relatively good terms, although it is extremely notable that the last time we saw them was also the time that Amber urged Seth to stay out of her mother's life for Sarah's own long-term happiness. Which, you know, might turn out to be a bit ironic/sad/history repeating/etc. given the state of Amber's current relationship.

TVLine is reporting that Corbett will appear in the show's 13th episode, wherein Amber unexpectedly drops by the restaurant where he's working. She gets into a "tiff" with a fellow diner and she and her father bond over that, and also presumably discuss his point of view on the whole being-in-a-relationship-with-a-troubled-soul thing, though that last part's pure conjecture from me.

Image: NBC