One Direction Singer Louis Tomlinson Breaks Twitter Silence After Baby News & His Words Speak Volumes

Where were you when you found out that One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly going to be a dad? I was chillin' on my couch, just casually nommin' some noms and scrolling through my phone when I saw the news of all news, proceeded to choke on whatever it was that I was eating, and furiously started texting my equally One Direction-obsessed friends embarrassingly all-caps, misspelled things like, "OMF LOUIS" and "I'M SCREAMING TO MYSELF." Any tiny whisper in the back of my head reminding me that I'm a 26-year-old, grown-ass woman and probably shouldn't be so invested in these types of things was drowned out by the fact that LOUIS TOMLINSON IS (ALLEGEDLY) FATHERING A CHILD and One Direction are (probably) on the brink of a breakup.

Needless to say, ever since that fateful Tuesday afternoon I've been waiting (WAITIIIIIING) for Louis Tomlinson to make a statement about the baby news. And on Wednesday night — after 1D's scheduled show in Seattle — the One Direction singer took to Twitter to thank fans in a cryptic — yet certainly telling! — tweet that has fans everywhere going just a little bit cray. But what does it all mean?! Let's examine the evidence:

Clearly, Tomlinson made no direct mention to his allegedly impending fatherhood or to his ~close friend~ and supposed baby mama, Briana Jungwirth. And he wrote two words about the group's On the Road Again tour stop in Seattle — cool. But the "thank you for the support" line is certainly a big one. Is he thanking fans specifically at the Seattle show? Sure. But is he also thanking the people who have supported him in the wake of the baby news? Probably. It feels to me like there's a certain kind of safety in how vague it is; he can thank his supporters without actually making any mention of the news.

Of course, fans have their own take on Tomlinson's tweet:

And some are mad that he didn't actually address the situation:

But let's be real: Louis Tomlinson, Sassmaster and Guy Who Is Notoriously Incapable of Keeping His Feelings to Himself on Twitter, did not actually deny the news, and that in itself speaks volumes. True, it's not like he goes around negating every false rumor, but when they've started to pick up, he's addressed them in the past. (See: Anything about Larry and that time he lashed out at a reporter in that "I am in fact straight" tweet.)

Tomlinson is one to set the record straight on Twitter — and occasionally feud with Naughty Boy — so the fact that he didn't tweet some saucy denial statement is practically a confirmation of the baby news, in my opinion. I'm sure that there is a reason he hasn't made a more straight-forward statement yet — he and his management and PR team are probably trying to figure out the best way to word the situation and/or figure out WTF this means for One Direction, if it's true — but I'm willing to bet that the above tweet pretty much says it all.

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