Lauren Conrad Is Writing A New Book, And From The Sneak Peek Picture, It Looks Perfectly Elegant

Cue the party poppers! Everyone's favorite lifestyle queen and fashionista Lauren Conrad just announced that she's working on a new book, and according to her Instagram, it's going to be all about party planning. According to Us Weekly, the title, called Celebrate, will be released Spring 2016, and will include tips on party themes, food, seating arrangements, invitations, DIY tricks, and more.

This isn't Conrad's first foray into the literary world — in addition to creating fashion lines and maintaining her lifestyle blog, she's written everything from fiction (the L.A. Candy series) to lifestyle guidance (Lauren Conrad Beauty). Coincidentally, this also isn't the first celeb-authored party planning book titled Celebrate, because Pippa Middleton wrote a hostess book with the same name back in 2012. But hey, there's plenty of room in my heart (and my bookshelf) for another party guide, especially when it looks this pretty:

Conrad has been a party planner for years, organizing events from the black and white party to her gorgeous wedding in 2014. So it's probably safe to say that Celebrate will be every Pinterest-lover's dream. But I have a few other hopes for the party guide. I'd love to see advice on the following:

  • What to do when you spill something on your outfit during a party and you have no Tide to Go
  • How to put hors d'oeuvres in your purse and get away with it?
  • A list of party theme ideas that goes on for several pages, followed by another list of the worst party themes possible just for fun
  • A detailed guide on how to make an Instagram as pretty as Lauren's. It may not be on theme, but THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

Anyway, I'm guessing the above WON'T be in Celebrate, but there probably will be plenty of amazing tips, so Conrad's fans everywhere should reserve plenty of days in Spring 2016 for all the parties they'll be hosting. Until then, the sugary-sweet Instagram photo announcement will have to hold us over.

Image: Lauren Conrad/Instagram