2015 Emmy Nominations Snub 'The Big Bang Theory' & It's Majorly Confusing

Sad news for Big Bang Theory fans: For those of us who thought the CBS comedy was a shoe-in for at least one Emmy nomination this year, we were unfortunately mistaken. The 2015 Emmy nominations have just been announced, and, unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory has been snubbed in some of the biggest award categories.

The Big Bang Theory's name is most notably missing in the list of shows nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. Perhaps even more notable is lead actor Jim Parsons' name missing from the list of Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series nominees. After all, Parsons, who plays neurotic and socially awkward physicist Sheldon Cooper on the show, is a 4-time Emmy winner of that very award for his portrayal of Sheldon, so it's shocking to see his name left off the lest.

It is worthwhile to note that the Emmy noms were not a total loss to the BBT family. After all, Mayim Bialik, who plays Sheldon's girlfriend on the show, was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series. Also, Christine Baranski, who is always a riot as Beverly Hofstader, Leonard's deadpan and icy mother, was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series. The recognition of those two ladies' hard work is definitely worth celebrating. But still, it is worth questioning why television's No. 1 comedy was not nominated for anything else, especially considering the show's steadfast popularity in the face of longevity, and the leaps and bounds the writers took Sheldon and company this past season.

BBT, which, according to CBS, has been called "the biggest comedy force on television" by CBS chairman Nina Tassler, is now approaching is ninth series on the air, and has already been renewed up to at least Season 10. That's a big deal! For a show with such a simple premise (a bunch of nerdy physicists getting to learn about life from a girl-next door), BBT has undeniably come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2007. They have kept enough an impressively wide range of people (aged 18-49) tuned in every week during a season with nerdy jokes, touching scenes in developing relationships, and the occasional slapstick moment. Who says being smart isn't cool, right?

It is also worth mentioning the progress that has been made this past season in particular. BBT, like many sitcoms, has often been accused of not exploring plot development enough and relying on predictable tropes to maintain its popularity. Remember how a different character was conveniently sent away on a trip for the summer for several season finales in a row? Gone was that trope this year: this season's finale was much, much different. Not only was no one sent on a trip (after a spaceship and a voyage out to sea, I'm not sure what they would have come up with anyway), but the season ended on a note with virtually every romantic relationship on the rocks. It was a huge risk to take with a cliffhanger like that, but it cannot be denied that this opens up so many possibilities for plot development — not to mention interesting character exploration.

It is hard to say why BBT's name was not in the coveted list. Perhaps the award committee preferred the non-dramatic past season finales? Maybe they thought themes explored this season (death, etc.) were too serious for a comedy series? We will never know exactly why, but that shouldn't stop us rooting for Bialik and Baranski to take home the gold. After all, they are still in the running! Fingers crossed. (Or in Spock position, whatever you prefer.)

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Monty Brinton/CBS