Amy & Tatiana Celebrate Their Emmy Noms On Twitter

I don't know if you heard, but someone finally woke up the Emmy voters and told them about a couple shows by the name of Inside Amy Schumer and Orphan Black. After years of being snubbed, both Tatiana Maslany and Amy Schumer received nominations at today's ceremony, and the only people more excited about that fact than you, dancing alone in your room and squee-ing to the sky, are Maslany and Schumer themselves! I didn't know the two of them even knew each other, much less were friends, but apparently they are, because after Maslany got a nod for Lead Actress in a Drama and Schumer got one for Lead Actress in a Comedy, they tweeted their excitement at each other!

That's right. Two of your favorite performers on this Planet Earth are sharing their elation with each other, and you get to be a part of it because this is 2015 and we have social media. What a beautiful world, and we're all living in it. It's as if the memory of all those painful years of snubbing and sobbing have been erased from my brain by this glorious back-and-forth on the world wide web. Filthy hashtags in all. (But not from the one you'd expect!)

LOVE THIS, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEIR SHOWS, LOVE EVERYTHING. Great job opening your eyes this year and seeing what the eff these ladies have been bringing to the table for, oh I don't know three seasons now. Ya done good. (Finally.)