Wait: Viola Davis Might Actually Win That Emmy

After the whirlwind that always comes with an awards show nominations, it's time to focus on each of the 2015 Emmy nominees. There are so many to choose from, but let's focus on one of the most amazing actresses to have ever graced both the small and big screen. That's right, I'm talking about Viola Davis, who is nominated for a Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy for her work as Annalise Keating in ABC's How To Get Away With Murder. With that said, it's pretty clear she's a strong contender (after all, Davis did win a SAG award for her HTGAWM role). However, can Viola Davis win the Emmy too?

Seeing as she's up against some amazing women, including Taraji P. Henson for Empire, Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black, Claire Danes for Homeland, Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men, and Robin Wright for House of Cards, it's going to be a pretty tight race. Despite favorites Henson and Maslany, Davis has a great chance at pulling out a win. I mean, it's Viola Davis. If anyone can take home the TV award, it's the 49-year-old who's brought to life Annalise Keating, a beautifully realistic, raw, conflicted, and sometimes disturbed woman with questionable morals.

I think that pretty much says it all: if anyone can win an Emmy, it's Davis. Plus, I have a feeling Annalise will help her take home that gold statue, no matter what. Davis might get all method on us and have Annalise teach her how to get away with murder, I mean how to take the Emmy from whoever wins it. Don't believe me? Here's how she just might do it.

She'll Give A Convincing Speech

Let's face it, the winner will probably just hand it over to Viola.

She'll Scare The Crap Out Of The Winner

I'd hand over my Emmy too.

She'll Be All Sweet & Kind

How could you resist that kindness?

She'll Express Herself Via Chalkboard

Come on, you know every time Annalise writes something on the chalkboard, everyone listens.

Yep, if Viola doesn't win, she just might channel her inner Annalise and take home the award anyways.

Image: Giphy (3); fyeahtgawm/Tumblr