7 Amy Poehler Quotes That Prove Amy Needs An Emmy (And Crown For Being Queen Of Our World)

Could this be the year that we celebrate with a beautiful array of waffles on Emmy night? Or will we be left screaming at our televisions yet again? Thursday morning's 2015 Emmy nominations surprised us in a few areas (cough, Gina Rodriguez Emmy snub, cough), but there was one thing that certainly didn't surprise — Amy Poehler received a 2015 Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series category for Parks and Recreation's final season. This is Poehler's fifth nomination since Parks premiered in 2009 and, maybe, 2015 will finally be the year the Emmys realize everything we've all known all along — she's been ready for this for, like, ever.

Poehler had, unsurprisingly, a perfect response to her latest Emmy nomination. I mean, it's not like anyone expected anything less from the woman that is as good at giving life advice as she is at making me laugh so hard I cry. But, while her "F*** YEAH!!!" response to Thursday's announcement truly takes the cake, it's not the first time Poehler has delivered the perfect quote for a moment like this. Here are 7 quotes from our queen, Amy Poehler, that couldn't be more accurate as we celebrate what might FINALLY be the year she takes home the Emmy.

When She Knew She Was Ready For This...

Truer words have never been spoken.

But, Seriously, She's Been Ready For, Like, Ever

Definitely "tight" enough for a win.

When She Offered Up These Wise Words That The Emmy Committee Should Heed

Brilliant, just brilliant.

This Time...

Simple. Perfect.

And This Time...

TV brought us Amy — thus, it's superiority is clear.

When She Was Optimistic

Don't screw this up, Emmys.

And Wasn't Ashamed To Say What She Really Wants

Same, girl. Same.

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