What Your Favorite 'Clueless' Character Says About You, Because If You Love Amber, You're Probably A Queen Bee

I'm like totally buggin' because Clueless just turned 20. The 1995 teen comedy has since become a classic and a huge part of our cultural lexicon of the past two decades. You can't just say, "whatever" or see a plaid skirt and not think of Cher Horowitz. Clueless was the little comedy that could. It starred, at the time, a pack of relatively unknown young actors and banked on its brilliant script an even more brilliant performances. Characters like Cher and Dionne would be vacant and superficial were the right actresses not chosen for the role. Or would you have understood falling for your ex-step brother if it was anyone other than Paul Rudd? I didn't think so.

Even though Clueless had its share of Betties, Baldwins, burn outs, skaters, full-on Monets, and young dudes that want to make you shriek, "As if!" the characters were so rich and colorful on their own. Amy Heckerling deserves all the credit in the world for creating some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history. It's not just the outlandish outfits and totally '90s slang that makes them stand out — it's the fact that these are high schoolers who are starting to discover their true selves and what really matters to them. Be it a skateboarding league, a charity drive, or helping the new girl fit in, the students of Bronson Alcott High had a lot of heart.

Here's what your favorite Clueless character says about you:



You are determined and wise beyond your years. Though your eye is always on the prize when it comes to your work, you also have a big, romantic heart. You sometimes struggle with the battle between head and heart, but you always follow your heart in the end... and use that smart head of yours to negotiate life's prickliest situations. You care deeply about your friends and family, and often put others before yourself. You are a natural leader who learns from mistakes. You love Top 40 radio but are well versed in classic literature. You're the total package!


You expect the best because you are the best. You never let people talk down to you and you always make sure that your romantic partner treats you the way you deserve to be treated. You are incredibly loyal to your friends and would have their back in a heartbeat if a fight broke out. You are as fierce as they come and never settle for less. You're also totally the best dancer in your entire group of friends.



You were once a shy duckling that has broken out and become a fabulous swan. You have truly unique style and an artistic heart. It takes you a little while to warm up to people, but once you do, you are the center of attention. You probably changed schools a few times as a kid and struggled to make lasting friendships, which is why when you do make them, you really treasure them. You're a sucker for a guy with a great smile and care more about what's inside a person than on the outside. Though you can be way harsh when people get on your bad side. But that's just a sign of your protective shell.



You are both an idealist and a realist. You pay attention to the news, care about politics, and take your work really seriously... but you also have a goofy side that charms everyone you meet. When it comes to love, you often date the people you think you should date rather than the ones you actually want to date. Once you open yourself to that person who might be a little out of your comfort zone, you'll be happier than you ever imagined.



You are as confident as they come. You love sports, hangin' with your friends, blasting music with the window down, and going wherever the party is. But all of this doesn't mean you're shallow — you are in tune with things like feminism and current events and the opinions of your loved ones matter.



You love being the queen bee and thrive off of attention. You don't just follow trends, you make the trends. It's hard sometimes for you to really connect with people because you are so strong-headed, but that just means the ones you trust are in it for life. You were probably super popular in high school even though most people feared you and you definitely had one of the nicest cars in the school parking lot.



You're the "nice guy" who thinks women owe you something for giving them a ride or showing a little bit of attention. You're human garbage, essentially. Either that or you're just a really big Cranberries fan.



You enjoy activities of the herbal persuasion, for sure. But you're not just a stoner. You're also a total sweetie who wants everyone to have a good time. When you find the right person, you are attentive, kind, and understand how important the little things are. You might not have the best grades, but your creativity gets you far in life.



You enjoy the finer things in life: Art, fashion, food, film, drinks, and cars. You might come across as a little cocky, but you actually love sharing your passions with other people. You have a deep soul and a totally fun, outgoing nature. You're one of the best friends anyone could ask for because you will literally save their lives one day.

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