9 Inspiring, Non-Religious Books That Might Just Spark You To Change Around Your Whole Life

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Whether or not you're a believer, there’s no doubt that religion has inspired some serious acts of kindness. For religious people, reading the books of their faith can help them through times of sadness and need, or prove life-affirming at celebrations. But, luckily, for those that don't carry that kind of faith, religion is far from being the only route to spirituality.

Many things we practice today, from marriage to yoga, have their roots in religious tradition. But most of them have been pretty magically transformed into something a lot more inclusive. An increasing number of couples are expressing their love for each other in non-religious wedding ceremonies, meditation is helping non-Buddhists live healthy stress-free lives, and anyone can find inspiration in beautiful books, regardless of their beliefs.

These nine books can do for non-believers everything that the Bible does for Christians, or the Qur’an does for Muslims. As the number of religious Americans decreases, books like these become oh-so-important to give us all the role models, hope, and guidance that religious believers have always gained from holy books. Whether you’re looking for instruction on living a more enlightened life, a no-nonsense way to put your life in perspective, or the motivation to make a change, these books may just turn your whole life around.

Image: Roy Luck/Flickr

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