Emily Maynard's A Mom Again!

After what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, it's official: Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard is a mom again! If you watched her on the show in Season 8, you already know that she has a daughter, 10-year-old Ricki, and now, Ricki's a big sister. On Thursday, Emily Maynard announced the arrival of her second baby, a son, via a post on Instagram, and it's already obvious she's over the moon about her newest little one. As someone who cares far too much about the lives of Bachelorette and Bachelorstars, I've had a feeling Emily's baby was going to enter the world any day now and I'm super excited that he's here — especially because this girl has been pregnant for, like, ever and judging by her recent posts, it seemed like she was getting a bit uncomfortable expecting a baby in the summer heat.

Unfortunately, Emily didn't share any of the details I'm dying to know, like the baby's name or when exactly he decided to make his big entrance. All that we know at this point is that he's a boy, he's here, and he and his mom are basically the cutest pair ever, as evidenced by the photo that Emily shared:

Perfect manicure and makeup even though she just had a baby. She's unreal.

Being that Bachelor romances don't typically last, especially with all of the broken engagements in the recent past (Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, I'm looking at you), it's not surprising that Emily didn't meet her husband (and new baby daddy), Tyler Johnson, on The Bachelorette, where she ended up with Jef Holm who she eventually split from. But Emily and Tyler? They have been happily married for over a year now after their low-key, secret ceremony last summer. And judging by their adorable family photos, I have a feeling that they're going to be an awesome (and very good looking) parenting team.

Huge congrats to Emily and her precious growing family. Now, can we get some details? More photos? A name? This is vital information.