This Is The Best Sex Position For Leos

If you're planning on having sex with a Leo, it's possible you'll find yourself saying something along the lines of, "Please doctor, won't you stay a little bit longer and examine me?" Or maybe you'll wind up buying some high-end massage oil and setting up shop as a masseuse with your lover, only to have your hand "slip." Or maybe you'll pretend to head over to your partner's house to "fix the cable." Whatever the scenario, one thing is for sure: Leos love role-playing. It appeals to their exhibitionist, dauntless characters: Leos tend to be drawn toward the dramatic, says awesome and very talented astrologist Mecca of My Life Created. There's no better place to try out some theatrics than in the bedroom, as Leos are the true auteurs of the zodiac.

If you're a Leo yourself, perhaps none of this is news, but you're recognizing yourself in these qualities. If that's the case, be sure to indulge your fantasies with your partner, as the sky's the limit when it comes to headstrong Leos, especially concerning sexual pursuits. Even better if your partner is an Aquarius, Mecca says — such a sign will keep Leo's antics down to a dull roar, and complement their fiery natures with a breath of fresh air. (That's a pun, by the way: Aquarius is an air sign.)

1. You Like Attention

In or out of the bedroom, you'll never say no to a little adoration. “Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun, and considered to be the superstar of the zodiac," says Mecca. "These traits provide Leo with an often warm and generous nature (read: super flirt), but also gives them a major need to be the center of attention." Embrace it — no need to be embarrassed about your natural disposition. Instead, find a partner who loves loving you. "Because Leos have an affinity for all things big, bold, and dramatic, a huge turn-on for them is to be showered by a lover with lots of adoring fanfare (flowers, gifts, compliments and other shows of romantic affection) along with a glamorous night out featuring all the upscale food, drink and crowds their lover's wallet can handle," Mecca says.

2. You're No Stranger To Lights, Camera, Action

Whether it's moaning loud enough to wake the neighbors or writhing around like a snake, there's a good chance you like to be a little over the top in bed. "Since Leos are natural born actors and actresses, when it comes to sex, they are no different," Mecca says. So don a sexy maid costume or a policewoman uniform and go to town. "Role-playing games that allow a Leo to dress up (they love costumes!) and take on another sexy persona feeds the Leo need for creative yet passionate fun," says Mecca.

3. Giddy-Up, Cowgirl

Look no further than the Cowgirl position to have a great time, Mecca says. "For a surefire sex position, Leo babes should try the Cowgirl, as not only does it put a girl on top (Leos love to lead), it puts her on full display for her lucky lover to watch and admire, as a Leo is nothing without an audience." To change it up, turn around, pull a Reverse Cowgirl, and give the show of your life. Bonus points if you light a candle to throw shadows of your sultry silhouette against the wall as you perform.

4. An Aquarius Will Keep You Grounded

Just be careful that you aren't too take-charge and bossy all the time. "Just as with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, Leos should beware of coming across as too selfish in bed, especially when it comes to demanding that their lover always go out of their way to please Leo with showy romantic gestures," Mecca says. "That's why an Aquarius (Leo's opposite sign) is an ideal match for Leo in the bedroom and beyond, as the humanitarian and hippie spirit of an Aquarius helps to scale Leo down a bit without putting a damper on their fire." If you can slow down a bit — perhaps with an Aquarius' help — you can find out what your partner needs, and concentrate on pleasing them too. If you realize you're a selfish lover, that's OK — just take some time to change your behavior, as you'll find that equal enjoyment in bed is the best setup anyway. Says Mecca, "As an air sign, an Aquarius can still provide unique and one of a kind experiences for a regal Leo, but can help to show Leo it's not always all about them." Just most of the time, amirite?

5. Your Perfect Date Is Totally Excessive

Two tickets to Hedwig and the Angry Inch would be a date made in heaven for a Leo, especially if it comes with VIP backstage passes. Other possibilities? "An opening night to broadway play, a gala event, a swanky nightclub," says Mecca. "Anywhere they can wear their finest and be seen amongst an upscale crowd or bevy of A-listers. Leos love feeling like a celebrity. Bonus points if there's a dance floor and photographers at the ready!" So put on your slinkiest dress and hit the town — preferably with an Aquarius, to keep you in check and bring out your appreciation for the slow and steady, which might not be so boring after all.

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