8 Jeff Quotes From 'Big Brother 17' That Prove He’s The Right Person To Evict Week 3

Jeff has one foot out the door before the live eviction on Thursday, and I can't say I'm surprised. There are multiple reasons any houseguest on Big Brother 17 would want Jeff evicted. First of all, he's had his time on a CBS reality show. Move on. Also, he's proved to be a pretty sexist guy, having said many inappropriate things regarding women in the house. So why keep him? After hearing these quotes, you'd probably want to evict Jeff before Jace. And that's saying a lot (because "'Rado").

Jeff hasn't really played a game that has screamed "physical threat" to me like some of the houseguests reference, but there are reasons beyond being a physical threat that support why Jeff needs to be the one walking out the door on Thursday. This far in the game, Jeff has created close relationships with James, Meg, Jason, John, and Jackie, and that's going to be something that the other side of the house isn't going to want to go up against if he ever comes into power (or if one of those houseguests wins power). But besides a relatively strong social game, Jeff has said things inside the house that just prove he is the right person to evict on Week 3. I present the evidence ...

1. When He Said This About The Twins

He's talking about them like they're a shiny new toy and he's a kid on Christmas. It's disgusting.

2. When He Legitimately Didn't Know There Were Two HOHs

This is actually pretty funny ... But he wasn't trying to be funny. So, fail.

3. When He Says "Dude" Every Second

Dude, you're 26. Drop the middle school vernacular.

4. When He Thought The HOH Voted

Just self evict. Please.

5. When He Needed To Apologize To Women

Here's an idea, Jeff: Don't say anything offensive to begin with!

6. When He Called Juliz's Bathing Suit "Skanky"

Classy, Jeff. Really classy.

7. When He Called One Of The Twins "Thick'ems"

I think it's important to point out Jeff wasn't the only person labeling the second twin by her weight.

8. His Use Of "Daddy"

Nope. Make it stop.

Jeff, you won't be missed. I'll say it. If you want to not grieve over the probable loss of Jeff on Week 3, you're not alone! To join in on the celebration, make sure to listen to Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS