What Was Jon Snow Thinking When He "Died"?

Since the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale, many have been focusing on all the ways Jon Snow could be resurrected from the dead, because no matter how many swords Jon took to the stomach, no one believes he is gone for good. Personally, I am totally in the same camp — but for now, Jon is dead and there is a whole other part story that's not being talked about. Namely, what were Jon Snow's final thoughts? Given how long it took for his Night's Watch brothers to take turns stabbing their Lord Commander, Jon had time to formulate at least a few thoughts on the subject during that scene. In the world of the A Song Of Ice and Fire books, there is a definitive answer (and, FYI, it will rip your heart to shreds) — but since the TV show doesn't employ internal dialogue in the same fashion, there is lots of room for speculation.

So prepare yourselves, now, because I am going to delve deep into Jon's psyche. Based on the highly scientific method of watching Jon on the series for the past five seasons, I am going to offer up nine things he totally could have been thinking during the bigscene. From the sad to the mundane to the "OK now I'm just getting ridiculous with this," these are just a few of the things Jon might have been thinking before he (temporarily) died. Journey with me back to that painful moment one more time while I make like a pensieve and dive deep into Jon's final thoughts.

1. "Ow."

Obvious, I know — but seriously, that many stabbings had to hurt. I also bet, "Seriously, guys, I'm definitely dying now," and "Wow, this is overkill!" crossed his mind after the third guy had his turn with a sword.

2. "You Were Right, Ygritte..."

There's no way Ygritte didn't cross Jon's mind. She always said he knew nothing — and in the end, she was right. The two of them really should have stayed in that cave. Now, BRB, I have to go cry forever.

3. "Don't Kill Ghost."

Ghost was Jon's most steadfast companion and the only tangible connection to his family, the Starks, that he had left. He no doubt heard what happened to Grey Wind when Robb died and, if the same fate befell Ghost, it would hurt Jon more than the sting of betrayal ever could.

4. "Mother..."

My personal head canon: Jon Stark had a vision of whoever his mother is before he died, because it just wouldn't be fair if he left the world without knowing the truth.

5. "I'm Sorry, Lord Commander, I Thought I Could Do Better."

Two Lord Commanders murdered by their own men in a row — what were the chances? The Night's Watch clearly needs higher admission standards! As for Jon, the guy who spent his whole life feeling like he was a burden, had to take it personally when his brothers resorted to such drastic measures to take him out of his post, and possibly like he somehow let the Old Bear down in the process.

6. "I'll Never See My Family Again."

In his heart of hearts, I believe Jon thought he would see Arya, his little brothers, and even Sansa again. When reality set in, the enormity of the loss would weigh him down like a stone.

7. "So Much Red..."

Whether it was the blood pooling around him or perhaps a distant flame, the color red surely crossed Jon's mind. The Red Woman is so close by and, wait, what's that in the distance? A flaming sword? It's prophecy-fulfillment time, kids.

8. "Don't Come Back Here, Sam."

Sam is a true brother to Jon, and The Wall won't be safe for him anymore. Even if it was futile, I can see Jon using his last thoughts to try to warn Sam, even though he knew he would do no good.

9. "Seriously?"

He fell for the old, "You're uncle's coming!" shtick, trusted a kid who hated wildlings, and his hair got so messed up in that snow. That's a Charlie Brown day if I've ever seen one. It's OK, Jon — when you get resurrected you can yell at all of them, especially Olly.

Now, please resume your regularly scheduled Jon Snow-is-not-dead theorizing.

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