Yahoo Travel's "A Broad Abroad" Original Video Series By Paula Froelich Will Have You Itching To Plan Your Next Vacation

It’s the middle of summer, you’re stuck inside an overly air conditioned office, and you'd love to pay attention to all of those work emails piling up in your inbox... except you can't, because the only thing on your brain right now is planning your next big adventure. Mentally, you've already booked your flight, mapped your route, and packed up your bags — now the only thing you have left to do is to, uh, actually leave. Nobody understands the pangs of wanderlust better than Yahoo Travel editor-in-chief Paula Froelich, whose original video series "A Broad Abroad" on Yahoo Travel is a must for anyone who has ever shown even the slightest symptoms of having been bitten by the travel bug. Even if you can't escape the office, Froelich's web series will make you feel like you've done some serious sight-seeing.

Whether your passport is filled with stamps or you're just interested in learning about new cultures, Froelich's stunning videos explore everything from surfing in Puerto Rico to surviving a snowmageddon in Greenland. Froelich has had some seriously cool adventures, needless to say — and she's documented all of them in vibrant, three to five minute-long videos shot all over the globe. And with a new video uploaded to the site on a regular basis, there's no part of the world you can't visit along with her while enjoying the comfort of your own couch.

So what can you expect from "A Broad Abroad"? A little bit of everything, pretty much.

There was that time Froelich interviewed an Icelandic elf whisperer:

Spoiler: Forget what you've seen in Lord of the Rings — apparently not all elves look like Orlando Bloom.

That time she went for a float in the Dead Sea:

Fun fact: It's not really a sea, it's a lake... but Froelich can tell you more about that.

That time she went hunting for treasure in England:

In the pouring rain, no less.

Basically, Froelich has been everywhere — and you can get a little taste for the travel life too by virtually tagging along on all her adventures. Enough daydreaming, already. It's time to see the world.

To see more of Froelich's travels, check out "A Broad Abroad" at Yahoo Travel.

Image: Unsplash