Tal Peleg's Cat-Inspired Makeup Artistry Takes The Cat Eye To A Whole Other Level And We Love The Artist's Creativity

There is YouTube tutorial upon YouTube tutorial teaching both we obsessive makeup wearers and beginners alike how to achieve a classic cat eye look. However, copying one makeup artist's take on it is going to be much trickier. Tal Peleg's cat makeup art is nothing short of just true artistic work, and getting her version of the cat eye isn't going to be a matter of blending.

Peleg's career began when she enrolled in acting school, but it was when she wasn't acting that her passion seemed to bloom. According to the artist, she spent most of her time doing the makeup of other actors. Peleg says, "It was then I decided I wanted to go to makeup school. On top of that I spent four years studying graphic design and I try to mix the two together now." The 30-year-old artist's diverse background is potentially what makes her art so incredible, and she's able to find inspiration everywhere. She explains, "It can be things that I like - fairy tales, movies, books, favorite foods. Or it can be abstract concepts that I find interesting and challenging to transform into makeup. I have used my grandmother's dementia, Anne Frank or anti-bullying themes in the past." Where ever her inspiration comes from, it's clear that she's got an internal muse.

Peleg's art isn't just of cats despite her love for them. Peleg has recreated famous scenes from films, such as Gone with the Wind and artwork by famed painters such as Salvador Dali. In order to create these intense looks, Peleg mixes pigmented powders with water and gel that almost seem paint like in nature. Regardless of his medium or inspiration though, Peleg's designs are truly one of a kind, and we love how this artist has made her own skin her canvas.

Images: Tal Peleg/Instagram (5)